Boy In Wheelchair Denied Service At Southlake Supercuts

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SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – A local salon will soon undergo “retraining” after the staff at a Southlake Supercuts refused to cut the hair of a boy with special needs.

Jenny Page attempted to take her son Will, 15, to the Supercuts on Southlake Boulevard for a quick trim. But when they arrived, the staff at the hair salon pointed to his attire and turned the family away.

“I just felt rejected,” said Page.

Page said her son rarely wears shoes. She said he hates them and when they are on, it agitates him even more.

“Really? You’re not going to cut his hair because he doesn’t have shoes on and he’s in a wheelchair and he can’t walk?” questioned Page. “I completely get that rules have to be followed. I totally get it. But it hurt my heart, I’m going to be honest.”

The staff at Supercuts told Page they would put them on the list while they went home for a pair of sneakers.

“I was like, ‘No thank you. We won’t be back. Ever.’ And we just rolled out,” said Page.

While the Texas Health Code requires stylists to wear shoes, there isn’t any mention of customers.

“I just felt like there wasn’t any compassion or common sense in this particular situation,” said Page.

No one at the store wanted to talk about what happened.

A spokesperson for the parent company, Regis Corp, released a statement: “We are committed to welcoming everyone who comes into our salons. Accordingly, this location will be doing guest service retraining,” wrote a spokesperson.

Page said she just hopes this is a teachable moment.

“Don’t want anyone to lose their job, I don’t want Supercuts to go out of business, none of that,” said Page. “I just want there to be some education and awareness.”

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One Comment

  1. Anne Davis says:

    Unfortunately there is so much misunderstanding about people with medical concerns and a variety of other conditions that cause differences in appearance or behavior. I am glad the parent company responded sensitively to the incident. So often the individual and/or the family are left feeling stunned and discouraged.

  2. Hass says:

    This location has embarrassed a family. They need to do more for that family. Free haircuts for this family should do it!!!!

  3. Harambe says:

    Thanks for the misleading title, CBS. He didn’t have shoes on. End of story. Go put shoes on and come back. I hate this lady so damn much.

  4. Amy Cole says:

    If the young man had socks on they should have cut his hair but if he was barefoot it is required by law that is feet be covered through reported said it is not required for a customer to have shoes on only stylist …the fact is their feet needs to be covered and socks are ok

  5. Double Standard says:

    So… we’re supposed to treat “special needs” like normal (because that’s what they want, after all), until it works against them, then someone cries foul and wants to be treated “special”? Hate me all you want for speaking the truth.

  6. Dian Clark says:

    There are exceptions to every rule. I would never go back and yes there needs to be some training on how to treat customers and a HUGE apology. So sorry this happened to this family.
    This is as bad as the recent rejection of a downs syndrone (sp) child for a photography contest,

    1. Double Standard says:

      Why should there be an exception for this kid? Because he’s “special”? Don’t they want to be treated “equally”? The company explained the policy and offered to put him on the list while the problem was corrected.

      Special Kid mommy’s makes it clear with her words and tone “sigh, okay, this is the process” how much of a hassle it is for her to deal with this kid, and then she whines about ‘it hurts’ when her kid actually does get treated equally.

      Seems to me if “the process” of her boy being treated equally is such a hassle, she should get clippers and do the job herself at home.

      It’s a cold hard world and the truth hurts. Put on your big girl panties, because this is your equality.

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