By: Josh Clark 

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DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – Another opportunity came and went for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to clarify the team’s quarterback situation. But Jones might have given us a hint as to who will start when Tony Romo is ultimately healthy.

“I don’t have any idea, no one really does as to what the situation will be a game or games down the road,”Jones said in his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan. “The main thing is we’re all looking at the same music and we all feel the same thing. The team is very positive with each other. We feel like we can make mistakes and overcome them. Everybody feels good about all of what we’re doing. “But we also feel equally good based upon the best thing you got in the past about Romo. So we don’t have to be definitive in drawing bright lines right now.”

But when Jones was asked if players deserved anything? An ode to the notion that Romo deserves his job back because of what he’s done in his career. Jones said, “that’s a pretty good question. I think we all recognize that there comes a time – on the other hand I would say – would there be any doubt if this were New England and Tom Brady was ready to play? I don’t know that anybody brought Brady back because he deserved it. I think they brought him back because they wanted to do the best thing to win football games. That’s why he got back on the field. ”

Might Jones be saying that Romo is like Tom Brady and he should get his job back just like Brady did when he returned from a four game suspension two weeks ago?

Whatever the decision the team makes, Jones insists over and over that this is a great situation.

“I don’t use the word ‘problem’ in this conversation,” Jones said. “This is a great situation. To be sitting there with the team coming on the way that it is on both sides of the ball, improving like it is, then to have Romo with his ability sitting there healthy, ready to play. And then to have Dak Prescott playing at the level he’s playing with the future standing there, motivating us. All of that is a great situation.”

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