By: Mike Fisher

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ARLINGTON (105.3 The Fan) – A CBS report that insists Ezekiel Elliott “could face a lengthy suspension” as the result of an NFL investigation into allegations of domestic violence is “nothing new’’ and a “regurgitation’’ of what is already known about the Cowboys rookie running back domestic violence case from last July, a league source tells me.

A high-placed Cowboys source echoes the same sentiment to me today, saying, “There is nothing new to report.’’

A woman with whom Elliott had a relationship filed a police report in July in alleging assault. Elliott denied the allegations and law-enforcement authorities in Columbus, Ohio, citing “conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents,’’ did not prosecute. Among the issues: The woman apparently worked to convince acquaintances to lie on her behalf.

CBS reports that the NFL is still investigating the case — and that much is true, and has been since July. The league has the latitude to discipline players even if the court system does not, though it’s possible that Ellliott’s case remains in the NFL’s sights because of its botched handling of the case of Giants kicker Josh Brown, who earlier this year received just a one-game suspension for multiple cases of violence against his wife. (The NFL has since circled back here and suspended Brown.)

Also in play: The high profile of Elliott, the No. 4 pick in this year’s draft and the NFL’s leading rusher. It’s self-evident that if the NFL finds evidence that law-enforcement officials did not find, the player “could face a lengthy suspension.’’

But again, that’s been the case for three months, with no change there.

But Elliott — a featured player in tonight’s nationally televised showdown between the visiting Eagles and the Cowboys — has name value when it comes to “headline news’’ … whether that “news’’ merits headlines or not.

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