DISD Teacher In Hot Water Over Classroom Stunt

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A teacher in the Dallas Independent School District is learning a hard lesson after a viral video showed her shooting a squirt gun at an image of President Donald Trump. The video first appeared on an Instagram account associated with the teacher’s name.

Some students at Adamson High School stated that it was clear to them that the stunt was meant as a joke. But threatening a president is no laughing matter, and now school officials are investigating after putting the teacher on administrative leave.

Pointing what appears to be a water gun at the image of Trump projected on a whiteboard, then yelling “Die,” art teacher Payal Modi’s actions have now been seen by countless viewers across the internet. But when Adamson High School junior Leslie Jaimes saw a news camera outside of her school, she had something to say. “Justice for Modi,” Jaimes said.

Jaimes said that she was in Modi’s second period class on Inauguration Day, when her teacher pulled out the water gun that she had taken from a student. “Trump came out and she shot at him, but like, it was just a water gun,” Jaimes said. “It’s no big deal.”

Senior student Briana Castillo said that she sympathizes with the frustration seen on display in the video, but Modi crossed a line. “Although her actions didn’t display that she was a good role model, she’s always there and supports my classmates, my peers,” Castillo said.

None of the students spoken to on Thursday said that they wanted Modi to lose her job. But, for now, the teacher’s fate is not clear. CBS 11 News reached out to Modi, but she did not return calls and no one answered the door at her home.

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One Comment

  1. Gun in the classroom!!!!! Zero tolerance!!!!! Fired!!!!!

    1. EXACTLY! She should say goodbye to her career and maybe other in the academia field will take notice.

    2. She needs to be fired and anyone who makes a joke about blowing up the White House or Killing the President needs to be fired and in prison! Enough of these sick and twisted liberals!

    3. Phil Martin says:

      America and all peace loving patriotic respectful Americans need to set an example of anyone in charge of molding young minds and fire her without any pension or benefits. 0 tolerance. Conservatives never treated Obama like this in schools and in Hollywood.

  2. Ed Itor says:

    If a student uses a toy gun in a threatening manner, they get suspended. What about this then?

  3. It this s a public school, fire him. If it is a private school, let the principal decide if he should keep his job, or a strong rebuke, or firing.

    1. Good point. I am a teacher and am repulsed by what she did. I would be repulsed by it no matter who our President is. Teachers need to leave their political opinions at home when they walk into the classroom. But, if this is a private school, it should be up to the principal. He can deal with the parents. If this is a public school, our taxpayer dollars should not go to a school district that supports this type of action. A student would be expelled on the spot. Why not an adult?

  4. The woman is SERIOUSLY in need of therapy.. like the rest.. give her a puppy & soother and stick her in a padded cell.. AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

  5. She is obviously out of her cotton picking mind, she should not be around children !

  6. Allen Clark says:

    Time to fire a few teachers. This is the impression our teachers are giving to our children and I do not care about politics. its just plain wrong and she needs to loose her teaching license at the least. If anybody did that about Obama, they would be in jail. double standards are alive and real.

  7. ‘Justice for Modi’? What the crock is that – she yelled die as she’s ‘shooting’ him? Our teacher’s indoctrination of our kids. I guess this would be Ok if it had been Obama and not Trump? NOT!

  8. Not fit to teach she needs to be fired

  9. Maybe she should blame Abe Lincoln.

  10. Totally unacceptable behavior, no matter what president — or any other authority — is targeted. Every day we see stories of children being expelled for even pointing their finger as if it were a gun. No reasonable rationale for this teacher to continue. She should be fired.

  11. Sue Kelley says:

    K through 12, children are held accountable for toy guns, fingers formed into guns, p&j sandwiches eaten to look like guns. This teacher has NO EXCUSE! Someone worthwhile is waiting for your job. And YOU should be jailed.

  12. This idiot “teacher” should be fired for such a despicable display! If it was a white teacher doing that to Obama this same idiot teacher would have her students protesting it in the streets.


  13. Now, the secret service will be investigating.

  14. I’m just glad to know there’s no liberal indoctrination going on in our public schools.

  15. Gene German says:

    Maybe President Trump will stop by to say “You’re Fired”!!!

  16. Pete Dako says:

    How ridiculous to be upset about a Toy Water pistol when the USA has the most ridiculous >real< Gun Laws in the world ~ 100% supported and propped up by your idiot President ~ the most dangerous man to take office in US history. Instead of taking this out on your children and students, why don't you find a little courage and focus on the lobbyists and criminals in Congress perpetuating the real atrocity?

    1. Canada, the only nation more irrelevant to the world than Haiti.
      Sorry Pete, the 1960’s have been over for almost 50 years, they’re not coming back!
      Maybe President Trump can send you some of our government cheese to go with your whine!

    2. dogsrock2 says:

      If a student brought a toy water gun to school he/she would be immediatly suspended, if they wear the wrong t-shirt they are sent home, if they pretent to play cops and robbers they are written up. This is what the liberals have done to our schools. Yet when one of their own decides to act like a 5 year old all of a sudden you have a problem with her being disciplined. She is nothing but an stupid woman who can’t seem to understand the concept of being an adult.

    3. You’re right, Pete. Our gun laws here are stupid. They make too many restrictions on my constitutional right to purchase, carry, and defend myself with a gun.

  17. Fire this woman now. What she did was unacceptable. Can you imagine what kids felt whose parents supported Trump?? She has no business teaching our children.

  18. If this had been a student pointing a water gun (or finger for that matter) and yelling ‘DIE’ they would be expelled. I don’t support zero tolerance policies, but if are going to be put in place, then the should be equally applied across the board. She should be terminated.

  19. And people wonder why the Public School System is failing???? Payal Modi should be immediately and permanently FIRED! I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, but there’s absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior in the classroom. Even as a joke.

  20. Chris Alaska says:

    Not even a Pop Tart gun, but a real squirt gun on school property? (must be Texas) LOL
    If this teacher would of done this to a image of Obama.
    She would of been called a racist, lost her job and locked up in prison.
    Even as a President Trump supporter. I say, it is no big deal, let it go.

  21. Easy fix, since she shot a republican, Obama White house will arrange a call to this Dallas school system and threaten funding if they take any action against the teacher. Oh wait…

  22. Brad Milton says:

    Its always a joke to the left when they’re caught. Well this isn’t a joke and this insane mind with a poor sense of humor shouldn’t be around kids and should be fired and locked up. Outrageous!

  23. Madonna got away with it!

  24. I wonder hoe those Latinas would feel if Hillary won and the teacher did the same thing to the image of Hillary? I’m sure they would be “offended” but since it’s a White guy standing up for Americans, that’s offensive eh?

  25. Myrna Swyers says:

    If my child was a student in that school I would take him in a heartbeat – I don’t want him taught violence ! And that is exactly what it is – water gun or not – it represents a real gun.

  26. David Teglas says:

    figures , she’s an air head art teacher … those that can’t do, teach , and those that can’t teach – teach Art

  27. We are going to win so much, we are going to have win after win after win! And you people are going to get sick and tired of winning, you people are going to say ” Please please President Trump we can’t take this much victory, please stop we don’t want any more wins”. And I’m going to say to you, “We are going to win, I don’t care what you say, we are going to make our country great again! We’re going to win! We’re going to win! And we’re going to win!

    Under Obama, America was the loser.

    Under Obama, a large percentage of us were on public welfare programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, and SSI. Health insurance is unaffordable (mine is $650/month… contrast this to my $24/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $11/month life insurance). Two thirds of young adults have student loans to which they cannot pay back due to lack of good jobs in the community. America was the laughing stock of the world.

    This is why I voted for DONALD TRUMP

    TRUMP 2016! MAGA!

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      Enough with the spamming already! These are all just canned, automated comments being spammed on various online comment sections for Insurance Pan da! Please follow the links through their user name to report this spam!!!!!

  28. nobaddog says:

    Immature liberal nut case. Its OK to kill people you don’t agree with. The left is just like the nazi party of Germany. Hate Hate Hate and they prove it everyday! Of course they call the right nazis.

  29. Back towards the beginning of Obama’s regime, a carnival owner had a game where targets could be shot off the head and shoulders of a space alien with a nerf gun. The NAACP and liberals soiled themselves, called in the secret service, and tried to destroy the owner. They claimed the alien looked like Obama.

  30. she should be fired now

  31. This is one of the major problems in America today. The liberal leftist socialist communist deliberate dumbing down of our kids. The schools need to be purged of all of these Marxist Socialist Communist Fascist Progressive Hate Filled Racist Democrat Leftists.

  32. Here’s the real problem: there are millions of teachers and administrators just like her, indoctrinating our kids every single day. We have to TAKE THEM DOWN.
    “All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall”…..we have to take them down.

  33. So this is what our educational system is turning out…..an art teacher no less……well say hello to the secret service boys and girls during your “visit”

  34. Brad Ruley says:

    OHHHH a water gun! BIG DEAL. Who cares? Seriously?

    I bet if she had shot a water gun at an image of Obama you all would be defending her, and you know it.

    1. Kau Jones says:

      I”ll bet it that were Obama you’d be screaming bloody murder

  35. Knock, knock, knock…FBI

  36. Brad Ruley says:

    Why are both liberals and conservatives so thin-skinned these days?

    1. Liberals are mentally deranged period. Call the school until they fire her.-972-749-1400

  37. this can be a real teachable moment with rope and a good tree…

  38. Wesley Young says:

    If any teacher had did this to obama, their career would be over. It doesn’t matter whether it was a joke or not. Why would teacher think they have a right to teach our children hate?

  39. Glen Clark says:

    Time to look for a new job. Great representative of a teacher….

  40. Brian Koceja says:

    bye Felecia….you are done…lol

  41. Michael Savage was so right when he wrote:”Liberalism Is A Dangerous and Suicidal Mental Disorder”. Amen! Fire her and send in the Secret Service. She is not educating she is indoctrinating. PS: I’m a Latino 4 All Lives Matter (Including the innocent unborn) and Trump for P.O.T.U.S. Make America Great Again, Liberals “You’re Fired”!

  42. furtive says:

    What an ignorant woman! Children learn waht they live. With her its HATE!

  43. Da Takuan says:

    It’s clear the left no longer hides behind the facade the f political correctness. They are now every bit the mean spirited nasty arrogant evil people they accused the right of being. What would happen to this bs teacher she did the same reenactment regarding Obama? Lying hypocrites!

  44. Henry Crum says:

    It was a freaking water gun, get a life.

  45. You can’t unravel the left’s political correctness agenda and abide by it at the same time. No actual harm. Begin here by ending the madness. Unravel PC but be consistent.

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      The only way to convince them of how ridiculous their system is will be to force them to live under those same standards. They are incapable of understanding reason, only consequences. Kind of like how our politicians should be forced to buy insurance through Obamacare, or whatever system replaces it. Barring that, then the VA.

      So, she must be dealt with just the same way any student would have. By screaming “die” and using the water pistol in the manner of a weapon, she was being threatening to a public official, which elevates it to a crime. She should be charged and removed from the school, just like they do to the students. In addition, for the incredibly poor judgement in a class full of students, revoke her teaching credentials. She should have thought about this before she acted, and not relied on the false liberal assumption that she is above the rules.

  46. Doug Simar says:

    How do we allow people like this to teach our children? I can only imagine the foaming at the mouth outrage if some southern white male teacher did this during Obama’s term. How did this woman even remotely think this was appropriate? I hope she’s fired and gets her teaching licence revoked. The Secret Service should be notified as well.

  47. How about we start looking for some adults to teach our kids. We don’t need instructors who are more adolescent or childish than their classrooms

  48. Ethan Wayne says:

    Remember the little kid who was expelled for pointing his forefinger and thumb like a gun?

  49. She should be fired, but not for joking around or having a toy gun, but for being so mentally ill, and in front of students especially.
    She’s clearly incapable of doing her job in ANY sort of Professional way.
    Frankly, no leftist like this should be teaching children….

    And more importantly, while leftists can’t be gotten rid of in society, what needs to be done is a law enacted that requires ALL schools to have an equal # of Conservative (those on the Right) Teachers/Professors and Administrators compared to Leftists.
    This is now required, because students simply can’t get an “education” and choose for themselves what is True and Right….. They are instead being brainwashed and propagandised, as this video shows into Leftism.

  50. Hollywood and Teachers are only teaching our young problem resolution 101. If you have a problem use a GUN. Another reason for Liberal Control.

  51. Frisk those students for gun shaped pop tarts.

  52. This station actually interviewed and named a 17 year old hs senior? Were the parents notified? The poor senior showed why the school is deficient. Pointing a gun at the president’s picture and shouting die, die is all in good fun? Really? Is that what Adamson High School teaches? It might be better if they removed the teacher and hire one with some sense of balance and character.

  53. if it was Obuma it would be holly hell an the media would go nuts, Fire her ass then some mental heath testing, an she is teaching kids

  54. Dan Sutton says:

    It’s disheartening to hear the kids say it was a joke, that it didn’t matter.
    Doesn’t matter? The constant barrage of anti-Trump rhetoric, the hate displayed against the man we elected as our president? And she no doubt talks and displays that attitude about the people who voted for him too, probably calling them fascists and nazis in front of the students.

    What does that teach the students? How is that NOT indoctrination of one point of view?

  55. Yeah, I’m guessing this behavior wouldn’t have been deemed ‘OK’ and ‘just a joke’ had this “teacher” done it to images of Obama, so I’m calling foul on that sh#t.

  56. Revenge of the students. Under Obama, kids were expelled for pointing bananas and biting their sandwich into a “gun” shape. And they were just little kids. What is the reason for a teached to do this? And how did a squirt gun even get in the teacher’s possession? Hatred and insanity on the left.

  57. Pack her some play-doh and a coloring book and escort her out the door.

  58. Harold Lowe says:

    Anyone that does this kind of thing should be summarily fired, just as they were when it it was directed at the previous president.

  59. Rick Berton says:

    In Dallas of all places.

  60. Ray Williams says:

    Kids have been expelled for bringing water pistols to school. She should be fired for teaching her hatred to our little snowflakes.

  61. Ron Whelan says:

    Scary how these young teens have already been indoctrinated into one sided anger preference. No big deal from a leftist on wanting to kill the president. But total outrage at any disagreement with Obama.Not much critical thinking skills being taught.

  62. South Mike says:

    These stupid mother fu…….. are in the classroom “teaching” our children? Fire the bit**.

  63. I think the school district is trying to sweep this under the rug. She should be fired and made a example of.

  64. But a clown wearing an obama mask is immediately fired…hippocracy.

  65. Roger Dane says:

    This is what is ‘teaching’ your kids and one has to wonder why the recent studies show no moral compass… common sense is gone replaced by a progressive humanism that says, “do as I say, not as I do”… ignorance on violent display.

  66. They expelled a little boy who eat his “pop tart” into an image of a gun. THey have detained and handcuffed boys who have drawn pictures of guns. She should be fired and put on a list of mentally ill people where she will NEVER get access to guns.

    Liberalism is embedded in cities. Cities would NEVER challenge an illegal for voting illegally. You can bet those 3 million votes that are Hillary’s LEAD came from illegal voting. It has already been established in Detroit. Anyone notice that they stopped the recounts after they discovered the voter fraud in Detroit? LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, Boston…. There is HRCs lead.

  67. No it is a big deal!!! You know what’s not a big deal? Wearing an T-shirt with the American flag on it but for some reason those kids were sent home to change (which then becomes a big deal too). You don’t threaten a president publicly PERIOD. IT’s against the law and if you do what this teacher had done, you get fired with no pension! It’s DISGRACEFUL that someone with this mentality is allowed to help shape the minds of our youth!

  68. This teacher should lose her job and find one for which she’s qualified. If she’d mock assassinated Obama, she’d be gone already. But obviously she feels comfortable mock assassinating Trump in front of her students, despite the hyper sensitivity to guns, toy or otherwise, by the public school system. Surely she should be aware that using a toy gun to mock the assassination of the POTUS on public property while she’s on the clock is a no-no. But maybe there’s a culture of anti-Trump or rather pro-Democrat in that school that allows her to feel comfortable doing something like that? And by the way, put a real gun in her hand and point blank,she’d probably miss the President anyway. Her pistol shooting form is very Hollywood. By the left’s rules, she should be fired. A white male teacher doing the same during Obama’s inauguration would have been. I love when liberal are caught in the web of their own rules.

  69. What kind of disturbed people are we allowing to teach our children? Where does the tolerance for this kind of behavior finally come to an end? Unreal.

  70. Here is her address 1910 LEDGEMONT CT ALLEN TX 75013 and email PMODI@dallasisd.org and her phone number 469-583-0344

  71. Bob Bernet says:

    This political bias is much more rampant and visible in the public school systems than is being reported.

  72. Imagine the media coverage and national outrage that would be occurring if the teacher did this to Barrack Obama. There would be marches at the school and her home.

  73. She needs to be suspended for a year and forced to undergo training in how to be a responsible role model. She is a role model for the kids and needs to understand that what she does affects these young minds. A teacher fake shooting someone that one dislikes with a squirt gun isn’t appropriate nor is it even funny. This is a teacher of young adults, tax money pays for this, teachers you have a real job; even though our PC society has tied your hands and degraded your profession to merely baby-sitter status, you should still take your job seriously and be responsible.

  74. I am more concerned that the reporter found that a student thought it was a joke. Since when is it funny to watch a teacher project any human figure on the wall of a classroom, attempt to shoot it and yell “die, die, die?” More than an unhealthy teacher in that classroom. Sounds like the teacher and the students were acting as peers playing a video game about things far more serious in real life. At the minimum, she needs to grow up and someone needs to impress on her that her job is to help them to grow up, not perpetuate a fantasy childhood in which one gets to do whatever one wants, without consequences.

  75. Pat Cos says:

    They better start giving teachers psychological testing. If they already do, this one slipped by.

  76. Obviously we need common sense teacher control and universal background checks on teachers…

  77. Susan Deal says:

    The biggest problem, as I see it, is the children in the classroom who support her and believe her actions were a “joke”. This is where we’ve arrived in our society. She’s an idiot for even thinking it’s OK to suggest shooting the President. Even in jest. But man! What about those kids being influenced.
    I suggest that all of us posting and discussing this teacher put our thoughts in writing and send to the superintendent and copy to the FBI office. Don’t you think it’s time we take action rather than just complaining? I do.

  78. Cliff Hart says:

    Good thing it wasn’t a gun shaped pop tart! She would be outta there!

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