Police Partner With Pit Bulls To Patrol Schools

By Brook Rogers | CBS11 News

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Dallas (CBSDFW.COM) – Pit bulls and police working together to fight crime?

Several local police departments say yes!

Pit bulls plucked from local shelters (where they were close to death) have now completed an extensive narcotics training program. The dogs graduated today and will soon work in local schools.

Like many graduates, the animals have overcome the odds. Pit bull officers Athena and Storm are the newest additions to Dallas and Ferris ISD’s police departments.

“She’s going to be going to the schools, looking for narcotics, and serving as a role model in the community,” says officer Jody Bullard with the Dallas ISD police department.

“Together with their partners in blue, they will roam the hallways of mostly high schools, searching for drugs in places their masters cannot.

“Basically we give them a second chance at life,” says Sgt. John Julin with the Ferris ISD police department. “They’re just as good as $30,000 dollar dogs that you would get imported from overseas.”

The hope is that the dogs will serve as a deterrent – and a friend. “I just hope that the kids will bond with her,” Sgt. Julin says.

In the meantime, the officers say, the program may even erase a stigma about the breed.

“You don’t get to see a pit bull in the schools. And I think with her being there, it might change some people’s minds about how they see pit bulls,” says Officer Bullard.

Nine dogs graduated from the training program, some from as far away as Missouri and North Carolina.


One Comment

  1. How can a breed that excels in fighting be as good as a soft-mouthed dog that excels in sniffing? A Pit bull in Germany killed a 6 year old boy at his School which was the catalyst for Germany’s banishment of all fighting dogs. These iirresponsible Police are playing with fire trusting such a statistically dangerous dog around children. Outrageous!

    1. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing…people of all kinds keep experimenting with this breed and it’s ended in disaster. They are not even suited to be a pet. What are they hoping to achieve with this breed? Why do they expect a terrier breed of dog to do the work that far more intelligent, stable and safe breeds have performed for centuries? This is just so bizarre, there are too many pit bull lobbyists at work here promoting these stupid, ugly, violent dogs into roles they cannot possibly fulfill. Enough with this breed; they should’ve been banned along with dog fighting because they’ve consistently killed more than enough people and animals to be banned in over 40 other countries, when will we “get it” over here in the U.S.? When will we finally break apart the propaganda being circulated and pushed into our faces by these fanatics pushing this breed? It is a crime they are permitted to advocate for and own an animal that has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be lethal and unsuitable to live as a pet in society. Please advocate for BSL, it is the only common sense approach for regulating and/or banning this deadly breed.

  2. Why do the media call canines “officers?” An officer must be a human being, commissioned by the state to enforce the law, and must be sworn under oath to uphold the constitution. Call them dogs, or canines, but stop calling them “officers.”

  3. Tony Solesky says:

    I am wondering is this just an obedience school thing supported by the Police Department. where you can have your dog trained similarly? They used to have stuff like this for kids where you could be a junior Police Officer or a Junior Firefighter. Even football teams do it for fan appreciation day and then give out a certificate. I think the whole 2 week 4 week thing and the Cop saying any dog can do it while laughing is kind of strange if it were for real.

    I wonder if these dogs could even be really deployed during school hours. This looks like something in the boycotts or civil patrol era days.

  4. Tony Solesky says:

    I love the breed stigma comment: Really?? in the same period of Time that Takata airbags have killed 13 people, Pit Bulls have killed 302. I never heard anybody say we are taking cars from junk yards to overcome airbag stigma. These cars are just as good as the ones you pay 30,000 for with good airbags. No wonder the cops are having problems with PR.

  5. Dennis Baker says:

    Better order more body bags.

  6. As good as a $30,000 dog? This officer is inferring that America’s murder dog is comparable to a German Shepherd Dog that police and military use worldwide? LOLOL @ Animal Farm and their pathetic attempt to save this deranged breed. More brainless stupor about their tutu wearing killer dogs…….

    1. Tony Solesky says:

      Yes it is such misguided PR nonsense. When the seven astronauts were killed in the space shuttle disaster, they gave a a group of people with supposed SAR trained pit bulls an award for their contribution running around in the woods looking for the lost 7 lost astronauts which obviously were lost in the sea. ANY DOG can attend and receive the training yes, probably true. It does not mean that they excel or are in anyway even near a real dog bred for the work that they train for to do it. In fact any dog that is bred to it, untrained is better than the best trained dog from a breed that is not bred for it. Ban the Breed end the DEED!

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