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ARLINGTON (CBS11) – Arlington Police are searching for victims of what they say is a “prolific identity thief” nabbed during a traffic stop.

Police say they seized backpacks full of mail and documents and piles of credit cards and IDs — even medical records. But, victims may not know they’ve been compromised.

“Often times people don’t know that they’ve been victimized through identity theft because they don’t know the information has been stolen until it’s reported to us at times,” said Sgt. VaNessa Harrison, a spokesperson for the Arlington Police Department.

And police say that is likely the case here.

During a traffic stop, police found five backpacks full of mail and documents: 50 credit cards, social security cards, medical records, drugs a BB gun replica of a semi-automatic pistol.

Investigators have a mountain of evidence to sort through.

“We are sure that we have several victims,” Harrison said. “But what we don’t know is have any of the credit cards been use? And if they have been used, who has been victimized?”

Police are withholding mugshots of the suspects, expecting they’ll be needed in photo lineups in a long list of criminal cases.

Investigators are also asking people to check your credit records to make sure you’re not a victim.

“It’s always good to just periodically check your credit report,” Harrison said.

Harrison said if you feel like your identity has been stolen its a good idea to file a police report so the theft is on record.