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It was a slow night, as Sundays normally are, at the Kalua Discotheque on Northwest Highway.  Dallas Police Detective Ed Lujan was working off-duty in uniform when four men got into a fight and were escorted out of the club.  One of the men got into his SUV and intentionally ran over Detective Lujan.

“The initial front bumper hit my legs causing my head to slam against the front windshield.  According to the officers, I fell to the side and that is when he put it in reverse and then ran over the left side of my body, put it in drive and ran over my right leg” said Dallas Police Detective Ed Lujan.

His injuries were extensive with a severed tongue, broken teeth, broken neck, broken sternum, dislocated hip and a shattered right leg among others.  He doesn’t remember the actual attack, but woke up face down on the concrete.

“The next thing I felt is a euphoria of my life and soul leaving my body, so I knew what was going on, I’m dying” Lujan recalled.

The something truly miraculous happened as Detective Lujan lay on the ground feeling his life slip away.

“The next thing that happens is I see my father, and in 2015 it had been eight years since my dad had died.  He is standing on the same sidewalk I was standing on and he’s looking down at me and he tells me ‘son, get up'” Lujan vividly remembered.

Detective Lujan could not get up, but his father reiterated that he must get up because he had a family that loved him and needed him.

“I then took a deep breath of air and I felt my life and my soul reenter my body and I woke up in the ambulance in route to Parkland” Lujan recalled.

When he arrived at Parkland Hospital he called for a priest to give him a last blessing since he felt like he still might be dying.  Then he asked for one more blessing from the priest before he left.

“I told him Father forgive me for my sins, but I need you to do one last favor.  I said I need you to tell the person that I forgive them” noted Lujan.

Many people have asked him since, how do you forgive someone who has just done such a terrible injustice to you?

“I said it’s simple, God showed us forgiveness and we have to forgive.  And I honestly believe, deep down inside me, one of the reasons that I’m still here is because of my faith and because I showed forgiveness” said Detective Lujan.

Dallas Police Detective Ed Lujan is back to work with a story of faith, victory and peace for those that might have lost a loved one.

“If they think they died tragic traffic accident and they thought maybe they suffered, I am witness to it, they didn’t” noted Lujan.


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