CAIR Calls Texas AG’s Objection To Muslim Prayer Room A ‘Cheap Islamophobic Publicity Stunt’

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AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned state Attorney General Ken Paxton’s objection to the use of a spare classroom in Frisco ISD by Muslim students to perform daily prayers.

CAIR-Texas called Paxton’s objection a “cheap Islamophobic publicity stunt.”

Paxton’s office send Frisco ISD a letter Friday that expressed concerns about a classroom at Liberty High School being used by Muslim students for prayer and whether it excluded students of other religions.

Frisco ISD responded to the Paxton’s claim by saying the prayer room was available to all students of school.

In Frisco ISD’s response, school officials claimed Paxton’s press release on the matter appears to be a publicity student by the office to politicize a “non-issue.”

CAIR-Texas said in a statement:

“It is unfortunate that our state’s top law enforcement officer would engage in a cheap Islamophobic publicity stunt that could very well result in increased bullying of Muslim students and the creation of a hostile learning environment. Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office appears to have made its ill-informed statements without first contacting school officials. That apparent lack of interest in the facts of this case would seem to confirm suspicions that the ‘concerns’ about Muslim prayers have less to do with religious neutrality, and more to do with exploiting growing Islamophobia in our state and nationwide.”


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  1. So, CAIR is concerned about “increased bullying of Muslim students,” but when it comes to upholding the Law of Texas and the United States, then it’s okay to “bully” the “state’s top law enforcement officer” with incendiary comments designed to intimidate said officer into retreating from his concerns?

    My only questions are (1) since this whole prayer room accommodation has nothing to do with public education, then why are not those imposing the problem being held accountable for it, rather than the school. If those Muslim children are late to class or have to be truant to meet their religious obligations, then why make special concessions especially for them? Does public education do this for the Christians and Jews too?

    (2) When is someone in the legal profession going to finally start arresting, indicting, trying, convicting, and imprisoning CAIR leaders for their terrorist ties and attempts to subvert American law? Ever since the Holy Land Foundation Trial, where several other Muslim terrorists/terrorist sympathizers were convicted of funding terrorist activities overseas, CAIR and a whole host of other Muslim Brotherhood front groups have been labeled “unindicted co-conspirators.” How about someone finally indict and do away with the whole tawdry bunch? Or just how much conspiring, much like we see in this article, must Americans put up with, before the conspirators are shown what American justice is supposed to be about?

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