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LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Homeowners in North Texas still picking up the pieces from storms earlier in the week are bracing for the next wave.

Red tags mark the homes in Rockwall beyond saving, but for families like Catherine Wood’s, they’re grateful to have made it through Wednesday and hoping to fortify their home in time for the next round.

“Because the other one was so bad it kind of makes you a little scared for future storms, so I’m a little bit scared about how bad that one can be,” Wood said.

Boards and tarps may stop wind and rain, but those aren’t Wood’s only concerns.

“I’m worried about the looting and the people just driving up the road just to look at it,” Wood said.

Rockwell police said officers will patrol around the clock to protect the area.

In other parts of the metroplex, homeowners like Johnie Cottrell in Lewisville spent the day collecting valuables in plastic bins and trying to pace themselves.

“After awhile, after four days of straight working from morning to evening and doing things, you know you get a little tired,” Cottrell said.

Contractors have done their best to cover holes in Cottrell’s roof, but the weekend weather may test just how strong the patchwork will hold up.

“We don’t know just how, if the weather gets really bad just how much that will even hold,” Cottrell said.

Homeowners said many of them are still waiting to meet with insurance adjusters because they want to get through the weekend before even trying to measure the full extent of the damage.