Cedar Hill At Center Of Mumps Outbreak

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CEDAR HILL (CBS11) – Dallas County Health and Human Services report 76 mumps cases in the county, 56 of them coming from students and teachers in Cedar Hill ISD.

A letter went out to Cedar Valley College students and staff alerting them about a high school student from Cedar Hill Collegiate Academy taking classes there might have exposed others.

Dallas County reported its first mumps case on January 19.  Each week since there have been more cases.

Audra Barrett, the VP for Instruction at Cedar Valley College said students and faculty in four classes may have been exposed.

“They were notified by our president but they were also given this letter as well with very direct bullet points of what needs to happen and what to look out for,” said Barrett.

The college isn’t adding any additional cleaning beyond what’s routine but the college is offering an immunization clinic on Thursday.

“Something that is touching close to home you just want to make sure that you are well prepared,” said Barrett.

Cedar Hill ISD in conjunction with DCHSS offered a booster shot or third round of mumps, measles and rubella vaccine and started cleaning more.

There is no treatment for mumps, but most people recover completely in a few weeks.

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One Comment

  1. In men, mumps can cause problems with virility.

    1. It can cause problems with sterility, not virility.

      1. Sam Wise says:

        Mumps is caused by virus.
        Its nothing that colloidal silver can’t stop.
        But forget the dosages listed on label, instead sip a quart per day for 7 days.
        Colloidal silver is perfectly safe, and you won’t turn blue or gray unless its used daily for several months. Take a break if using long time, and your body will remove 90% in one week and remainder after 40 days.
        I like Advanced Silver Company but all 10ppm solutions work great.

        Warning: If you take vaccines, any vaccines, you’ll get additional viruses which cannot be filtered out of the puss used to make the vaccines, many of which cause cancer. Vice President of British Children’s Hospital says the cancer explosion is due to our vaccinations.

    2. Ed Nolan says:

      In Adults, it can cause death! And you’re worried about virility

  2. Susan Vue says:

    The wonders of open borders.

  3. Gee, I wonder how many illegal alien or their anchor-baby children are in attendance at this school?

  4. libserum says:

    Gee, I wonder who hasn’t had their shots?????????

    1. http://outbreaknewstoday.com/dallas-county-mumps-outbreak-cedar-hill-high-school-health-officials-recommend-booster-mmr-22384/

      says at that time: 23 cases all of which had had both doses of vaccine. second dose recommendation is ~12 yrs. that would be years before arriving at high school where this began.

  5. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Couldn’t narrow it down any further than ‘Cedar Hill ISD’, eh?
    High Schools:
    Cedar Hill High School
    Ninth Grade Center
    Cedar Hill Collegiate High School
    Middle Schools[edit]
    W.S. Permenter Middle School-Acceptable[citation needed][when?]
    Bessie Coleman Middle School-Acceptable
    Intermediate Schools[edit]
    Belt Line Intermediate School-Acceptable
    Joe Wilson Intermediate School-Acceptable
    West Intermediate School-Recognized
    Elementary Schools[edit]
    Bray Elementary School
    In 2000 almost 80% of the students at Bray were white, but demographics changed years later as black families moved in and white families moved out. In 2010 about 50% of the students were black and about 25% each were Hispanic and non-Hispanic white.
    Highlands Elementary School
    High Pointe Elementary Schoo
    Lake Ridge Elementary School
    Plummer Elementary School
    Waterford Oaks Elementary School

    1. SPOT ON!!! You totally called out the ((((((Jewish)))))) Media and their “Investigative Journalists”!!!!!… LOL!!!

    2. says in the link to this story I posed in an earlier comment that it was Cedar Hill High School.

  6. Allen Rogers says:

    I’ll bet that a large percentage of the infected US Citizens have already had their Mumps shots.

  7. Tod Perry says:

    And just as with the others you can bet that this outbreak as well WAS caused by the vaccines. We saw it over the past few years that those vaccines we infected because the vaccine uses LIVE viruses and states in the insert that it CAN cause measles and page and a half of side effects INCLUDING diabetes.
    –Also there had not been ANY deaths from measles for decades UNTIL children were vaccinated.
    –The whooping cough outbreak was also connect to the vaccines.
    MAJORITY if not all of children who did not get infected were NOT vaccinated.
    –Also there had not been ANY deaths from measles for decades UNTIL children were vaccinated.
    –The whopping cough outbreak was also connect to the vaccines.
    MAJORITY if not all of children who did not get infected were NOT vaccinated.

  8. I remember back in the good-ol’ days… when diseases from the Dark Ages were eradicated among intelligent-civilizations, and were contained within Third World lands, where the Third World people were CONTAINED….
    …AHHHHHH~ Diversity!…

  9. 3rd World Illegals and their anchor babies are not vaccinated.

  10. Wonder how many Libs will finally figure it out, but than again, with liberalism being a mental disorder they won’t get it.

  11. Grizz Mann says:

    Any of Obama’s dreamers dropped in the area?

  12. Paul King says:

    How’s that sanctuary city designation working for you, Dallas?

    1. Duuuuuh! Think about it, at one time this country,as a routine,no brainer,kept people seeking residence, isolated(quarantined) until determining if they harbored some strange disease. Yes, they kept them quarantined—what a perverse idea—-keeping possibly sick people away from the healthy! Now, given the enlightened insanity of our time, Typhoid Mary would not only be presented with a Noble prize for her humanity, but also put in charge of the Center For Disease control !!

  13. Bob Smith says:

    Chance are very high that this ‘outbreak’ was caused by the vaccine. Just look at the product insert. And the reporter is ignorant, not stupid, but ignorant that is having no knowledge, of the fact that vitamin C used as medicine can cure viral diseases, or at least enable the body to. Don’t believe it? Start Googling. Find the article, “The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C” and read about Dr. F.R. Klenner, Reidsville, N.C. who in the 1940s began using vitamin C to cure first his wife, of gum disease, then patients with polio, and then against all the infectious childhood diseases, particularly measles, and people with viral pneumonia. We should abolish Obamacare with a one sentence law, then with another one sentence law restore to the citizen the right to have their health issues treated however they want by whoever they want. The industry had its chance and did nothing but bloat itself, now consuming 20% of US economic production, while suppressing inventions and discoveries, to the detriment of the people.

  14. It seems to me that if any other drug was having such suspicious failure and possible unintended side effects as vaccines, the manufacturer would have been destroyed in court by now. as it stands, somehow vaccines are above question and beyond any further scrutiny.
    just doesn’t seem right to me.

  15. Jhonny Lyon says:

    The liberal media will blame the “vaccine deniers” for this as they have done in the past.

  16. Clegg Jensen says:

    How many actual Americans must die just so Democrats can have a constant supply of ignorant, uneducated voters who are only coming here for free stuff?

  17. Conveniently (and, probably, by design) the article does not state how many victims were previously vaccinated. I would be willing to bet that all or nearly all the victims were which should, once again, expose the lie of “herd immunity”. If the number of vaccinated victims is high, I’ll bet we never hear about it. All we’ll hear about is how everyone should get their booster shots (which also exposes the lie of lifetime protection).

  18. Sparky Mills says:

    Illegals ……..

  19. RT Mtn says:

    illegal alien minors are picked up at the Texas border and almost immediately moved to various cities and enrolled in public schools without any examination for diseases. They are usually covered with lice. Thank you DACA and Obama. You know he is in Tahiti right now and smiling about this situation he created.

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