By Andrea Lucia

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DALLAS (CBS11) – A Dallas woman is hoping to track down who stole her cell phone after she was able to access pictures taken with the phone.

Bianca Dabi was making a quick stop at the ATM in Dallas’ West Village when she believes a couple of teens grabbed her phone through an open car window.

Two days later, she realized the phone was still uploading pictures to the cloud.

“I literally laughed out loud in the middle of the AT&T store. Wow!” said Dabi.

Dabi remembers seeing teens near the ATM asking for money for their basketball team.

“They’re like ‘Excuse me. How you doing? We’re taking donations,'” recalled Dabi.

A minute later, she got back in the car. Her phone was gone and so were they.

“I really wouldn’t have been able to identify them if they hadn’t been on my phone,” said Dabi.

She says she discovered a video and pictures Monday, while trying to replace her phone.

“Right away I figured out… I just laughed at how idiotic it was to take pictures on a stolen phone,” said Dabi.

She posted the pictures on Facebook and friends began chiming in with comments saying, “I see these two boys all the time…. I’ve seen them asking for money at the Kroger off Mockingbird… I’ve seen him in Deep Ellum.”

“Hundreds of people commenting and sharing. I didn’t expect it!” said Dabi.

Dabi says she’s now wiped her phone and shut it down, but not before reaching out one last time to whoever has it now.

“We sent a message that, ‘We have your pictures and the police are looking for you,'” she said.