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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A group of three sixth-graders are being honored by the Fort Worth Police Department on Thursday for helping officers catch a suspected burglar. The incident happened last month after authorities received a call about a suspicious person along Pecos Street.

This was actually the second consecutive day that the suspect was reported in the area. Two officers spotted the man’s car and watched as it pulled into a home’s driveway. When the man was confronted by police, he took off running. While pursuing the suspect, one of the officers saw three young boys waving their arms in the air.

Those three children — Trevontae Barker, Kenyon Maloney and David Willis — asked the officer if he was looking for someone in the area. The boys explained that a Hispanic man offered them $20 each to help him hide. The kids refused and the suspect continued running down the street.

Officers ultimately found the suspect inside of a house that was being renovated. The home’s front door was open and workers were inside laying tile. They had the radio on, and were not aware that the suspect had come inside and hidden in a closet. He was taken into custody and charged with burglary and evading arrest.

ricardo rojas Sixth Graders Help Police Catch Burglary Suspect

Ricardo Rojas (credit: Fort Worth Police Department)

The suspect was later identified as Ricardo Rojas. Several stolen items were found inside of his vehicle.

Police are thanking the three young boys on Thursday for their help in apprehending the burglary suspect. In a presentation at Glencrest Middle School, the sixth-graders will be given new bicycles and helmets, along with special coins and certificates of appreciation.

“All because three young men decided to do the right thing,” the Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement.