More Parents Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Children

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MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Some suburban school districts are reporting a growing number of parents choosing not to get their children vaccinated.

Collin County now has more than double the state average when it comes to exemptions.

Jeanmarie Beno showed CBS11 the paperwork she filled out to get an exemption from mandatory vaccinations for her children at Plano ISD. She’s part of a growing wave of parents asking to opt out, not for medical or religious reasons but because they object the idea.

“I’m not anti-vaccine, but I think there are too many,” Beno said.

Beno is convinced a vaccination had negative medical side effects for her son. She realizes it’s a controversial issue, so she’s glad she doesn’t have to argue the science in order to opt out.

“I think every parent should have 100 percent control over what goes into their child’s body, period,” Beno said.

But public health officials worry the growing trend will increase the likelihood of an outbreak of the diseases the vaccines can prevent.

Some Collin County parents like Frisco’s Jennifer Calyer say the decline in vaccination rates could divide communities.

“If it were to continue on an upward scale, then yes, I think I would think twice about bringing my daughter to the large city Easter egg hunt,” Calyer said.

Calyer insists she respects parental choice, but not at the expense of other children.

“It’s up to them what they want to do with their kids. At some point though, if their kids are going to go to a larger school or an ISD, they’re going to need to be prepared,” Calyer said.

Vaccinations are readily available at the Collin County Health Department, but a spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services said availability has not been a factor in the trend, so as a result the agency will continue to advocate for vaccinations with the hope of reversing the shift.

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One Comment

  1. Maybe people should be asking “WHY are parents choosing to not vaccinate?” instead of just attacking them for their CHOICE to not poison their kids and make them chronically ill for the rest of their lives….. just a thought

  2. mofmars333 says:

    Because people are finally waking up to the real science.

  3. Parents and healthcare professionals are waking up to the truth about vaccines. There is more to the story than just “safe and effective” that is being so relentlessly pushed on us by pharma marketing, government, and media.

  4. Mike Stewart says:

    Vaccines have a sordid history…few real successes and always with a price. Vaccines are rarely studied independently, and when a healthcare professional HAS studied the harm vaccines do and works to lower the numbers or does not recommend certain vaccines, they are harassed, threatened, blackballed and called quacks and worse. It is not science when the CDC is a for profit corporation, with vaccine patents, and THEY are the authority on vaccines! Pharmaceutical companies make billions on vaccines, make no mistake, and they do not hesitate to buy the science we all think is objective and honest. It is NOT. Protect your kids. Vaccines introduce poisons past your child’s defenses every time they get a shot. READ what the dissenting doctors have to say. Don’t give in to paranoia.

  5. Vaccines have never cured disease…ever! The grand experiment perpetrated on the ones that chose to live by fear/scare tactics. I was never told of the side effects, and the list is long, only the fear mongering of what happens if you don’t vaccinate. Vaccination is not immunization. Seems the only ones reaping the rewards of immunity are the drug companies that are protected from lawsuits for faulty/deadly outcomes. Scam after scam the political snakes have taken over and paid lots of money to get these laws passed. Just say no to drugs and find ways to strengthen your immune system naturally…so many ways the way nature intended.

  6. Bonni Lucia says:

    Not surprising, given the “awareness” raised by those who would remove personal belief or religious exemptions – freedom! – and mandating use of the pharmaceutical and medical system. This is the natural outcome, when “herd immunity” was already achieved. Any thinking person would question this. Why mess with success, unless there is another motive?

  7. You call it vaccination…the Global Elites call it POPULATION CONTROL…

    You call it cancer…the Global Elites call it POPULATION CONTROL…

    You call it fluoridated water…the Global Elites call it POPULATION CONTROL…

    Any questions?

  8. Because the truth is finally out. Vaccines do much more harm than good. Had I known what I was allowing to be injected into my children’s bodies way back then I’d have refused too! Smart parents doing research outside the government/pharma memes.

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