Balch Springs Police Chief Fires Officer Involved In Deadly Shooting

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Update: The Balch Springs Police Department has fired Officer Roy Oliver, the officer who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. He was a six year veteran with the department.

ofc roy oliver Balch Springs Police Chief Fires Officer Involved In Deadly Shooting

Officer Roy Oliver was a six year veteran of the Balch Springs Police Department. (photo courtesy: Facebook)

BALCH SPRINGS (CBSDFW.COM) – Public and political pressure mounted for an arrest and indictment of a Balch Springs police officer who shot and killed Mesquite teenager, Jordan Edwards.

Sheriff’s detectives and investigators with the DA’s office are both looking at body-cam video worn by the officer who fired the fatal rifle shot.

Edwards, 15, died from a gunshot to the head.

The Mesquite High School freshman was a passenger in a car with his brothers, leaving a Saturday night party when he was killed.

Police initially said the car’s driver moved “aggressively” toward police.

But Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber watched the body-cam video and said the car was moving away from the officer when he started shooting.

Chief Haber said the officer who fired the shots is on administrative leave and is asking for calm. Just hours after the shooting he said, “We’ve received threats through social media towards officers, also toward our community. We want to encourage everyone to please just be patient.”

The Chief said he had also “reached out and personally met and spoken with the parents and expressed my condolences.”

Jordan’s family issued the following statement, urging for peace – not protests in his name.

“While our family attempts to cope with our loss, we ask that at this time the community please refrain from protests and marches in Jordan’s and our family’s name, as we prepare for his funeral. We do not support nor do we condone any violence or threats made against the Balch Springs Police Department or any other law enforcement agencies.”



One Comment

  1. Liz Lawson says:

    and the distraught family all kicked in Humming the tune….” We’re in the money!!!” Here’s a question, if the family members of criminals are NEVER forced by law to pay the victims of their relative’s crimes, why do they get to profit off of their death? Face it, deep down, most families know if their child is killed by police, they win the lottery but if their child kills innocent people robbing a store or carjacking a mother, they pay nothing…why is that? Just curious…

    1. James Osila says:

      Liz Lawson your comment shows ignorance and a lack of education. if the cop was innnocent why did he lie? His own boss looked at video evidence and fired him because he MURDERED an INNOCENT individual.

  2. James Osila says:

    @ Liz Lawson. You really have to be one hell of a racist Idiot to write such a stupid comment. What kind of psychopath gets angry at the family of a murdered 15 year old teenager because she thinks that they will get paid for their loss. A normal human being would show some empathy towards the family. You really are a horrible human being. I guess if your child or sibling got killed the only thing you would think about is money huh? You are a shame to humanity.
    You are the reason why black people should NEVER have an all white jury deciding their fate because people like you will convict without looking at evidence. Its the same mentality that makes most writes think that OJ was guilty even after a cop (Detective Fuhrman) admittedly planted a glove that wouldn’t fit and even said so in a secretly recorded audio tape which got him convicted of perjury.

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