Elderly Woman Thrown Into Pool By Man At Pool Party

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DALLAS (CBSDFW) – A shocking video made rounds over the weekend showing an elderly woman getting thrown into a pool by a teenager.

The video shows an unknown woman with two dogs on leashes walking into what appears to be a pool party.

The woman appears to ask patrons to turn down the music. Many in the crowd appear to be in their late teens or early 20s. Another woman is heard in the background yelling, ‘throw her in!’

Suddenly, one of the men at the party picks up the woman and body slams her onto the pavement. The man then picks up the woman and throws her into the pool.

The video ends with a majority of the crowd running away from the scene.

It’s not known if the woman is okay or where the incident took place.


One Comment

  1. Jason Ripple says:

    This appears to be Broward County Florida…it was a flash pool party thrown by twitter account https://twitter.com/search?q=%23blockboyzpoolparty these guys all need to be locked up. Not one bit of empathy from a single person there.

  2. OMG! I certainly hope the woman is ok. The idiots should be arrested that did that. Not only did she more than likely get hurt from the body slam, she probably was thrown into a panic. Hopefully her dogs did not get hurt either and did not get lost. I would be devastated if that were to happen to me and my little dogs were out there wandering around. God forgive our youth of today for they are not respectful. They so need to be taught their boundries. Please God let that woman and her dogs be ok.

  3. She nearly drowned according to reports. Oddly when I tried to post this yesterday from the source page to FB, FB would not allow it. Apparently the theme of the party was throw someone in the pool..at least that’s what authorities were told.

  4. The guy clearly slipped while trying to grab her which resulted in the body slam. The body slam wasn’t intentional, however, he should never had touched her in the first place and should be punished whether accidental or not.

  5. “Society” is correct in saying that the youth of today are arrogant and disrespectful, among other things! I wouldn’t DARE mention that most of the people shown on this video were of a certain ethnicity, whereas the victim was not. I don’t really think it had anything to do , necessarily with race, but, I don’t know a single “woman of color” who would have been treated this way by a young guy and not get his butt beat by her!

  6. Nina R-Jacob says:

    This is by no means funny in any way. He picked her up and also dragged her dogs to the edge of the pool. This is an outrage for the woman as well as for her dogs. How will they be made to pay for what they did? Closing the pool for parties is a good start. When there is a bunch of stupid kids thinking they can handle booze, it is a sure thing for either a fight or someone getting hurt. Parties should be limited to 3-4 hours for the more mature adults or just don’t allow alcohol in pool area. Something can be done. Just because a bunch of idiots acted stupid does not mean others should suffer. Just saying.

  7. Fred Bode says:

    very sad that you could hear others taunting and laughing running away you would think out of all kids there someone would have been raised to have common decency to stand up and help her PRAYING FOR OUR YOUTH

  8. Tim Wade says:

    Everyone of those sorry kids should be shot to death. Then their parents for not raising them right. Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the other Civil Rights leaders? That poor lady’s civil rights were violated. Will they stand up for her or continue to hide under their beds when black people violate white people’s civil rights?

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