GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – They made their approach in a crowded car dealership and within seconds, guns were drawn and there was a fight for control.

Investigators say 20 gunshots were fired in the span of about six seconds.

“I’m shocked that more people didn’t get killed,” said John Setser, a former Mesquite police officer who is now in charge of a private security firm.


“Their first bad decision was going in there at all,” said Setser.

Police said bounty hunters Fidel Garcia Jr. and Gabriel Bernal were after Minnesota fugitive Ramon Hutchinson. He was wanted for failing to appear in court for a drug charge.

“I mean that little office, why they would go in there? There’s a salesman, there’s a female. Just stupid,” said Setser.

The retired veteran spent 25 years as an officer and said he would never choose such a public place to arrest a man believed to be armed and dangerous.

“They put a lot of people at risk just by going in there to take him down,” said Setser.

He said the moment Hutchinson drew his gun, the bounty hunters should have backed up and created space.

“They didn’t have control of the situation from the very get, from the very jump,” said Setser. “A lot of people could have gotten shot and bullets could have went outside.”

It is why Setser said he and many other police departments do not like when bounty hunters enter their jurisdiction. He feels they are not trained like police officers and in this case, they did not used good procedures.

“These are guys that have done like this plenty and believe they can get away with it. This time they did not,” said Setser.

Nissan of Greenville said it will reopen its service bay on Friday and its showroom on Monday to give employees time after the deadly shootout.