by MaryAnn Martinez | CBS11

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – A woman’s purse was stolen with all her valuables and important documents inside, but all she wants back is a locket with her stepfather’s ashes inside.

Lillian Taylor said her father picked out the locket in 2009, as he was in the hospital dying of valley fever.

She had his ashes put inside the piece of jewelry.

“He was a father to me that he didn’t have to be so it made him even more special to me,” Taylor said.

The locket was inside her purse, which she left in the car while fishing in Fort Worth last weekend.

Someone smashed the window and took her purse. Police have been notified but so far, haven’t caught anyone.

Taylor’s social security card, birth certificate and other important documents were inside. The thieves also rang up charges on her credit cards.

“Whatever else is in the purse, whatever other content, they can keep,” she said. “I just want that back. That’s something that I can’t replace. I can replace everything else. I can’t replace that.”

She said the crooks can anonymously return the locket by taking it to the Racetrack gas station near Berry and I- 35 in Fort Worth.