Second Family Pet Killed By Bobcat

RICHARDSON (CBS11) – A Richardson family is grieving the loss of a beloved pet, and it’s the second time a bobcat in their own backyard is to blame.

The City of Richardson said during the last two years it has successfully captured 17 bobcats, but that wasn’t enough to save the pet meant to replace the first one who died.

Surveillance cameras spotted the bobcat walking down an alley and into David Dinsmore’s driveway. A Richardson spokesperson tells CBS11 the bobcat’s distinctive limp suggests it may be looking for easier food sources because of its injury. That didn’t stop it from leaping a six-foot fence to grab the family pet. Dinsmore is quickly seen leaping the fence himself to chase after the bobcat with the dog in its mouth.

“I was screaming, no, not again, no not again as I was screaming at the cat to try to get it to let go of the dog,” Dinsmore said.

In 2016, Dinsmore’s cameras caught a bobcat attacking his dog, Dakota. After that he and his wife took added precautions. He built a caged in area in his front yard where his pets could run safely. He built another fence in his backyard to keep the dogs only in the area he could see from his deck.

“We never let the dogs out without one of us out here actually with them,” Dinsmore said.

But that wasn’t enough. The bobcat was so fast, it snatched his dog, Dixie Belle right before his eyes.

“It’s like getting hit by lightning twice. I just can’t believe it happened a second time,” Dinsmore said.

The city spokesperson urges anyone who sees a bobcat enter their property to immediately make it feel unwelcome. That’s advice Dinsmore hopes everyone will take to heart.

“Too many people just snap a picture. If you see a bobcat, you need to start yelling and screaming, throwing rocks. We need to get these cats scared of us again. They’ve gotten too comfortable around people, and that’s part of the problem. We need to really put some fear into them, so they leave us alone,” Dinsmore said.

Richardson has set traps nearby in response to this attack. The city tells CBS11 when captured, the bobcats are relocated to a refuge in East Texas.

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One Comment

  1. A dog that small shouldn’t be left unattended in a yard. The dog owners shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog. Besides that, why own a dog that is the size of a rabbit when you live near bobcat territory?

    1. none says:

      So you’re like an idiot huh? In Texas and Oklahoma, even when heavily urban wild animals still roam in to the areas coyotes, bobcats. Personally as a pet owner when there are reports of predators, I stick a .38P under my shirt. Either that or he should have two dogs..something larger like a German Sheperd/Belgium Malinois; and then the smaller dog. The larger dog would shred the bobcat. Or a laser aimed pistol,>> after talking with the detectives to let them know you’re gong to take the damn bobcat out- cities in the South react to that. A nuisance animal needs to be tracked and put down.Shoot even a high velocity long throw pepper spray would do the job. Get an animal with pepper spray they NEVER come back.

      Otherwise STFU – its obvious you dont know the dynamics of southern cities. Richardson is soplit by highway 75; and is in the middle of a high tech corridor marked by UT Dallas- Texas Instruments -Rockwell – Collins Radio and a myriad of other companies, as well as more 400K homes than you can shake a stick at.

  2. A chainlink cover to the chain link dog run must be installed. Bobcats around here have no trouble jumping in and out of yards secured with very high fences. Wish I was that limber. Also, make certain they cannot dig under the fence. Feel sorry for dog and owners.

  3. WHOLE lot to be said for owning Pit Bulls. Sad day for that kitty cat, when he jumps the fence for my dog. I expect it to look like KFC had a fryer explosion, except instead of chicken, it will be cat. There cat. Everywhere…just, well, cat.

  4. A hot wire at the top of the fence. One strong enough for stallions. You’ll never see kitty again.

  5. Try SHOOTING these pests and there will be fewer problems with them!!!

  6. tadchem says:

    My dad once told me that the only thing that can lick its weight in wildcats is another wildcat.

  7. dlethe says:

    What a lousy pet owner. You would think he values his pet more.

    1. none says:

      You’re like the pointy headed boss on Dilbert – dont know much ehh? What makes you think the owner would want that to happen – you might try compassion; then agin the way karma is perhaps something will happen to you and yours; and you’ll appreciate what a hard choice your response is.. As I posted below, I take precautions with my Schnauzers up in Broken Arrow OK – we have coyotes…but I’ll collect ears and the bounty before they get my girls…who are with me all the time. That’s the nice thing about open carry – semper fi.

  8. none says:

    My solution – an electrified hot razor wire along the fence top, and pepper spray, and a laser aimed 380 or 38; silenced with frangible bullets fired at about 650 fps-so they help silence the shot. Goodbye Kitty, hello stuffed bobcat.

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