DALLAS (CBS11) – The Dallas County District Court released the probable cause affidavit that details a relationship between Glenn Heights council member Sidney Davis and a 15-year-old girl and what led to his arrest.

Davis faces charges of sexually assaulting a child and indecency with a child after a months-long investigation by the Texas Rangers.

After posting bond, Davis was absent from a council meeting earlier this week when the mayor told CBS11 the council had not been fully briefed on the investigation.

Court documents describe the victim as 15 years old and someone who would take shopping trips with Davis’s daughter after Davis gave each hundreds of dollars to buy clothing and shoes.

According to the affidavit, the girl sometimes stayed overnight at Davis’s house including last November 14 when, “Juvenile woke up at approximately 4AM with Davis on top of Juvenile. Davis was kissing Juvenile on the neck. Juvenile told Davis to stop and Davis replied by saying, ‘I can do you better than the last.'”

The affidavit describes the girl as working part-time for Davis at a snow cone stand. Investigators say the victim made audio recordings of conversations in which she confronted Davis about the sexual assault. In one, “Davis stated, ‘I do think about it,’ ‘I know what we did wasn’t right…'”

No one answered at Davis’s home when CBS11 tried to ask him about the allegations.

CBS11 spoke by phone with Glenn Heights council member Harry Garrett who said he was shocked by the affidavit and hopes while the investigation continues that Davis will excuse himself from council meetings to avoid distracting city business.