angel e1501384900479 Woman Reunites With Dallas Angel Who Saved Her From Choking

Angel Cabrera and Jodee Chizever (CBS 11)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A New Jersey woman reunited with a Dallas restaurant manager who saved her life thanks to quick work and some training.

Jodee Chizever has only hugs for restaurant manager Angel Cabrera who saved her life inside Mesero Inwood Village on Tuesday. She calls him her own “Angel.”

“Words can’t even express the gratitude. I have two children at home. The fact that I could’ve left like that… and not be here for them,” said Chizever.

After a long day of traveling for a work conference, Chizever says she was devouring her dinner at Mesero when she suddenly lost her breath. “I was kind of shoving food in my mouth. I turned to my sister and pounded the table and I was like [shows choking motion],” she said.

Chizever’s sister hit her chest as she struggled for air and that’s when she said she started to black out. Their waiter rushed to find Cabrera.

“I didn’t think to call 911. It was a matter of seconds,” said Cabrera. “I put her in the best position to do the Heimlich. I applied it once. It didn’t work. I did it once more, and she started breathing.”

“I remember holding on to [Cabrera] afterwards like ‘Oh, don’t leave right now!'” said Chizever.

Chizever says she plans to learn the Heimlich maneuver once she’s back in New Jersey.

This wasn’t the first time Cabrera saved a life. He says about 12 years ago, he used the Heimlich maneuver to save a little boy who was choking on candy.