MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) – This school year, one North Texas school district is offering its students help right at their fingertips.

Midlothian ISD is launching a new crisis prevention tip line to give students access to counselors and a school resource officer for everything from homework to suicidal thoughts.

“Kids need this. Their life is about being online. This allows them to report these things,” said mother Becky Oliver.

The app isn’t up yet, but CBS11 saw a preview of the website.

The district said the site gives students an opportunity to self-report a problem without classmates seeing them go to a counselor’s office.

Students who are concerned about someone else can submit that classmate’s name, but stay anonymous themselves.

A counselor will then work to set up a face-to-face meeting with the student in need of help.

Ashley Bergeron is a freshman counselor. She said during stressful times like school testing, up to five students a day seek help, and there’s a greater need for help year-round.

“It came originally from David’s Law, a state law that requires reporting of any type of bullying and from that, we started thinking about how there’s a need for resources for more than just bullying,” said Bergeron.

There are four counselors in each high school and out of every 500 high school students, 100 seek counseling for more than school issues.

“In reality, it’s something that needs to be shared,” said high school student Sydney Oliver. “I think teens like to say they have it all figured out. When in reality, we sometimes need help. Just to be able to get that help and access it easier is a lot better.”

The 16-year-old is open with her mother, and hopes the tool will encourage other classmates to open up more.

Midlothian ISD students can access the tool by going to the district’s website homepage and clicking on Crisis Prevention.

The app and website launches on August 15.