Denton Uses Old Fashioned Paper Ballots … Sort Of

DENTON (CBSDFW) – There are 468-thousand registered voters in Denton County and only two percent of those have voted.

This election day the voters are taking a step back in time and using paper ballots.

“Texas is one of the last states where electronic voting has a strong hold. Nationwide, the trend is back toward paper.” For Frank Phillips, and the Denton county elections office, following a trend is just fine.

This election cycle, Denton County voters will now have their individual ballot printed and the votes cast on paper.

If there’s a close race in need of a recount, paper ballots will be counted by hand.

“A lot of it is perception, the fear of hacking, but at the end of the day what our commissioners court, and most of voters want is a piece of paper, that we can verify without a doubt, how those votes were cast,” says Phillips.

Voter fraud investigations surrounding mail-in ballots in Dallas and FBI reviews of implemented safeguards against possible hacking in Collin and other North Texas counties have raised concerns for voters.

Denton’s paper ballots will still be tabulated electronically, but voters’ demand for a paper trail on election day is what they’re getting.

“At the end of the day, if I can show a piece of paper, actually voted, that moves doubt, removes whole argument,” commented Phillips.

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