RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Former Mayor of Richardson Laura Jordan and a developer are facing a multi-count indictment on various federal charges including bribery and honest services wire fraud.

Jordan’s name is redacted in the indictment, but it says the mayor in question was in office between May 2013-April 2015.

Records show that’s when Jordan — formerly named Laura Gibbs Maczka — was in office.

Also charged is developer Mark Jordan, whose company wanted to build apartments near a neighborhood that opposed them.

The indictment says that in exchange for Jordan’s support of the developer’s project, he offered her and she accepted: monetary payments, payments to renovate her house, luxury hotel stays, flight upgrades, meals, a lucrative job, and intimate sexual contact.

When Jordan ran for mayor, she opposed building apartments, but later changed her mind.

She is now married to Mark Jordan.

Comments (4)
  1. Is there any honest people left in government?

  2. While the article conveniently excludes her political affiliation, she is a DEMOCRAT. Furthermore, virtually every article on the internet regarding her corruption also fail to inform the the public that she is a Democrat………

  3. Jordan Noret says:

    I do not see how her party affiliation has any relevance to this story whatsoever. Are you suggesting that the democratic party supported her actions?!?

    1. WWW.ХХХ.РАКSVQ.ХУZ says:

      What ?

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