Buzz Pop Cocktails Contain More Alcohol Than Glass Of WineNew adult treats have twice the amount of alcohol as a glass of wine.
Astros Triple-A Team Played As Zamunda Lions From "Coming To America"For their Thursday night game against the Albuquerque Isotopes, the Fresno Grizzlies re-branded to become the Zamunda Lions in honor of the 30th anniversary of "Coming To America"
Woman's Selfies Capture Parasite Moving Under Her SkinThrough a series of selfies, a woman documented a lump moving underneath her skin. Doctors gripped the bulge with forceps and pulled out a parasitic worm.
Yellowstone Geyser Activity Increases Sparking Conversation Of Supervolcano Eruption ChancesA historically dormant geyser in Yellowstone National Park has been anything but dormant recently -- and visitors can't get enough of the water show. It has also sparked conversation about whether a super-eruption could soon be expected in the region.
Bottled Hot Dog Water: It's A ThingA man in a hot dog suit marketed the product as a gluten-free, sodium-rich drink that can help people boost electrolytes, lose weight and look younger.
It’s National Selfie Day, Here’s Proof The First One Was Taken In 1839The casual self-portraits have become so popular in recent years that the word "selfie" is now in the Oxford Dictionary.
As Loneliness Rises Among Americans, Experts Warn It's Making Many SickHealth experts weigh in on how loneliness has become a major problem today.
Diabetes Breakthrough: Common Vaccine Can Improve Blood Sugar Levels Long-TermResearchers at Mass General Hospital announced a breakthrough in treating Type 1 Diabetes.