Advance Directives: PricelessThe best gift you can give the people you love is an honest and unflinching discussion about death and end-of-life choices.
Holiday Grief: ’Tis the Season
Texas Hospice Care: Family Grief & Bereavement Treasured events and milestones, like vacations, graduations and anniversaries, can be difficult for a family when an important person is missing.
Hospice Care In Ft. Worth & Dallas: The Doctor Who Makes House CallsHospice patients and their families open their doors to dedicated hospice physicians for whom house calls are just another day at the office.
Texas Hospice: You May Not Know Hospice In The Metroplex, But You Know StanYou probably don’t know much about hospice care here in Dallas and Ft. Worth. But I’m sure you know someone like Stan.
Who Pays For Hospice Care In Texas?Here in the Metroplex, all hospice care is reimbursed in the same way, so hospice does not compete on cost.
VIDEO: Help Is A Phone Call AwayLiving at home and remaining independent is possible for these hospice patients thanks to the 24-7 support, clinical expertise and ability to dispatch a member of the hospice team. It’s called Telecare®.
VIDEO: Everyone Feels Better At HomeAfter a fall, a hospice patient living at home talks about the round-the-clock Intensive Comfort Care® she received in order to help her stay out of the hospital and return to her routine.
VIDEO: Hospice Is Not A Bad WordA veteran talks about his military service, how he felt when his doctor referred him to hospice and what his life is like today.