Fall For The Arts 2015


Fall for the Arts is a CBS Radio event celebrating all things arts and cultural in North Texas. This two-day event is free for all to attend and will be an artfully packed experience that will serve to allow all those in attendance to gain, and share in, a deeper appreciation for all that North Texas has to offer.

Just as an artist’s palette holds many colors, so too will the programming for Fall for the Arts be a colorful affair. There will be a main stage that will showcase performances all-day, as with local, area buskers, chalk artists and a blank canvass for all attendees to express their artistic voices. There will also be an area dedicated for the children to express their creativity!

Additionally, and most importantly, Fall for the Arts allows for all participating arts and cultural organizations that opportunity to not only communicate their overall message, but also to share in communicating their upcoming seasons, their guiding missions, their purpose and their importance to our community.