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A neck saver for sure! A must have for the frequent traveler – the Jetsetter MINI comes in several colors and includes monogramming and a lavender sachet. Down filled luxury with washable zippered protector. Dad deserves the best while he’s on the road or at home. Let him know you love him and embroider a private message or his initials. He’ll never forget your thoughtfulness. Get you Jetsetter MINI Pillow from The Pillow Bar right HERE.


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This Father’s Day, get your dad something he actually wants! Treat your dad to some new MotorClothes from Dallas Harley Davidson to wear when he rides! The MotorClothes® Department at Dallas Harley Davidson at 635 & Centerville Rd. encompasses more than just apparel – we are your source for helmets, jackets, boots, protective gear, shirts for every day of the week, but especially Father’s Day. At Dallas Harley-Davidson®, we strive to constantly ensure that you have the latest styles and best quality selection of Genuine Harley-Davidson® Apparel and Merchandise available. Learn more about everything Dallas Harley Davidson has to offer by going on dallashd.com or bring in Dad to our store off 635 & Centerville Rd!


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The shirt pictured is from Peter Millar. All shirts at Culwell & Son will be 20% off now until Father’s Day. Dress, sport, knit and tee – all shirts in the store. Free gift wrap and buy some for yourself while shopping for dad. More HERE.


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Best Gift I’ve Ever Received – Man, this is hard. To be honest, I don’t think of Father’s Day in the traditional sense. Ever since having children of my own, I’ve told them I consider every day Father’s Day – because they are my gifts. That, and the fact that Deans are notorious for not necessarily celebrating an occasion on the actual day of the occasion itself. We’ve been known to settle for being within a month. But I’d have to say the best gift would have to be the Father’s Day cards my kids drew for me when they were little. Hard to top those.

Best Gift I Ever Gave – My pop went home 30 years ago this September, so it’s been awhile – but I’m pretty sure the best gift I ever gave him was the yard, mowed. Grass, edged – and hedges trimmed, too. Yes, he got after shave (never wore it) and soap-on-a-rope (never used it) – but what he valued was a job done. Oh, and maybe that desk nameplate I made for him in 7th-grade woodshop.

Gift I’d Like To Give This Year – That’s another tough one. I was adopted at birth, so I actually have two fathers. The one who sired me, and the one who raised me. But, if I could give Leonard or Pop anything, it would be the time they didn’t get with their grandchildren and great-granddaughter. I can’t think of anything either would want more.


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Listening to music is pretty much a full time job for me so I’m a little obsessed with headphones. Seriously, I can’t pass by a headphone station in a store without trying them all out. I’d love to try these wrap around headphones and get totally immersed in surround sound!

Best part about a back yard? Well, a pool. Second best though is grilling! Worst part about grilling? Cleaning. That’s why I definitely want this steamer for easy clean up!

I’m a guy who likes his sleep but also has a bad back. Also, I’m a side sleeper so I need a soft yet firm mattress. I did some research and it looks like the Amerisleep Colonial would be perfect for me! Nodding off now just thinking about it.


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Let’s be real dad’s don’t want ties. believe it or not dad’s like to pamper themselves a little bit, so this year why not set up an appointment at the Boardroom. It’s a salon for men. Don’t go for the haircut, go for the fancy shave…the hot lather shave! In addition the the old fashioned shave, you get a steamy towel and a light facial massage.

Can’t afford to spring for the Yeti tumbler or beer koozie…try the Chillsner. You keep them in the freezer in case of a beer emergency. Let’s you bring bring home a case of hot beer bottles. Go ahead and open one up, the chillsner will cool your beer like ice but without watering down your beer.

Fact! Dads love meat! So surprise dad this year with a Jerkygram from the fine folks at Man Crates. He’ll get 5 different delicious and exotic meats delivered right to his front door. Mmmmmm, meats.


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This blows my mind! You can buy Lipton Ice tea in bulk! 24 count, 3 gallons. My dad is from Abilene, so you know he loves his iced tea.

I also love this personalized apron for the Dad that grills. I know I would love to put one my dad’s slogans on there (they’ve all got em!). Plus he’s always on the grill…and always burning something

Finally, the SKLZ Gold Flex golf training tool. My dad’s a big golfer, but as he gets older he struggles more with his back, knees, and hips. The Gold Flex claims to create a low-impact stretch and create better balance. I’m not a doctor…but I’ll try anything to keep him on the course!


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My dad’s gift from me came a little early. I bought him four months of slow-motion strength training sessions– something I’d recently starting doing after hearing ads on our sister station KRLD. It’s very intense, but ‘only’ 20 minutes (and only twice a week!) Losing mobility and balance are two of the biggest challenges we all face as we age. The physical therapy usually comes *after* the mishaps and just gets him back to ground zero. This is much more proactive and he has loved the first three sessions. I can already tell a difference in how quickly he gets up and down from chair to standing. Our bodies are so resilient – even at age 91 (which he’ll be in a few weeks.)


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Man Crates- Custom golf balls crate because he loves golf and I could get his face on the balls. Beer brewing kit – self explanatory.. He’s a man and loves his beer And of course Dallas Cowboys Gameday Jersey


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Best father’s day gift I gave to my dad (Johnny) was a few years ago when I gave him two of his favorite crappie fishing rods/poles and went with him to a nearby lake to test them out. The experience of being with my dad and sharing his favorite hobby, was far more valuable than the rods:). If my dad was here, I’d love to share a day at his favorite fishing lake and a nice dinner with him and our family. My dad passed away May 8, 2016, and I miss him regularly. R.I.P., dad:).


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When my son was little, a homemade card or play-doh sculpture could cut it for Father’s Day. But now that he’s older, he’s stepped up his Father’s Day Gift Game.

One of the best gifts he’s gotten me is an Edible Arrangement. You’ve seen the commercials, they dip these chunks of fruit in this great chocolate.
I love this idea. If they started doing this with broccoli, I’d start eating my vegetables.

Besides, any edible gift is a great gift. Dads love sandwiches, how about a gift card to Potbelly, Schlotzky’s or my new favorite Bread Zeppelin! At Zeppelin they hollow out these crusty artisan rolls and STUFF A CHOPPED SALAD IN THERE!. It’s genius.


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I guess my all-time favorite Father’s Day gift was 3 years ago, with the birth of my first grand-daughter Claire! You cannot top a baby. My fantasy Father’s Day gift is QUIETON EARBUDS. They are a perfect fit, cancel all the noise and provide ultra high fi sound in case you want to play the air guitar listening to KLUV. A bit expensive ($199) but I am totally worth it!


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