The Lakewood Area is home to more than just cute mid-century houses and streets that start with “M”. It is one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods with tons of historic and cultural charm. Unlike the suburban areas of Dallas that are booming with chain stores, Lakewood is crawling with locally owned shops and restaurants that are sure to find a sweet spot with anyone and please the entire family.

Tietze Park
2850 Skillman Rd., Dallas
(214) 212-4257

This neighborhood park has been loved for years as a retreat for kids and families to come and enjoy summer nights playing and hot afternoons swimming. This Lakewood area park has a big playground with a toddler area and lots of shady and low-lying trees for climbing. These same horizontal lying trees have also been home to many family photos! A basketball court, softball field, shaded picnic pavilion, and public swimming pool is what continually draws the crowds (but not too many) year after year.

Garden Café
5310 Junius St., Dallas
Hours: Tue. – Sat.: 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. (Breakfast and Lunch)
(214) 887-8330

Garden Café is one of Lakewood’s best-kept secrets! Hidden in the quaint streets of the Lakewood area, costumers come to the Garden Café and actually dine in the garden that their food was grown in. If you think this sounds too sophisticated for kids, think again. This is a great place to teach kids about where our food comes from and the health benefits of locally and organically grown produce. The menu is friendly to everyone: kids, vegans, meat-lovers, and even the toughest food critics. Make sure to check out their calendar of events, where you could stop in for lunch and enjoy a poetry reading or art exhibit.

White Rock Lake
8300 E. Lawther Dr., Dallas

White Rock Lake is home to tons of outdoor and kid friendly activities. The lake offers miles of hike and bike trails, scenic bird watching posts, adventurous kayak and canoe rentals, good old fishing areas, and the Historic Bath House for those more interested in the history and culture of the lake. With parks and playgrounds intertwined in the wide trails, it is the perfect place for a family picnic. For more information on the White Rock Lake go check out the details on things to do in the area.

Downtown Lakewood
6400 Gaston Ave

The shops and eateries in the heart of downtown Lakewood are the perfect place to spend the afternoon perusing the storefront windows and enjoying some cold drinks on the nearby park bench. There seems to be a restaurant for anyone’s appetite including Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, and even some home cooking at the Dixie House. There are plenty of shops to drain your wallet (if that’s your cup of tea) ranging from peculiar antiques to seriously cute baby boutiques. Strolling the square in Lakewood almost makes you feel like you are living in a small town for a second…almost.

Dallas Arboretum
8525 Garland Rd., Dallas
Open daily
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(214) 515-6500

The Dallas Arboretum is a long time Dallas family favorite. It is a great place to take the kids and enjoy the 66 acres of botanical garden displays and serene nature landscaping. It is also home to weekly events, festivals, concerts, art shows and more. Your family trip can consist of a picnic in the park or leisurely dining at one of their two restaurants. Be sure to pack the strollers for lots of walking and the cameras for all the picturesque photo-ops.

Lauren Kimmel is the Co-founder of Dallas Moms Blog, a great resource for moms looking to connect with other moms, learn and laugh about motherhood, and discover all that Dallas has to offer. She is a wife to a musician and a mother to a bouncing baby boy.

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    ZZZZZZ……….. can you tell us somewhere to go in Lakewood that we already don’t know about? Jeez.

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