Brendan Smith

Brendan_Smith Brendan is a producer and board-op for the Ben and Skin Show.

Brendan has worked with Ben & Skin for over two years and enjoys making people giggle by pressing buttons. Brendan is in charge of “Other Parts of the Paper” every day on Ben and Skin where he tells the metroplex what they have missed because they don’t read anything but the sports page.

Brendan proudly graduated from Cedar Hill High School where he was a SUPERSTAR athlete…for the JV baseball team. He could have gone pro if his coach would have let him pinch hit in 9th inning of the Junior Varsity Regional Tournament. Brendan’s athletic career took an ugly turn his Junior year of high school when he put away his dream of playing 3rd base for the Rangers so he could focus on…theatre. Brendan can’t throw a baseball 95 mph but if you need someone to recite a Shakespeare monologue, he is your man.

Brendan is also the play by play voice for Dallas Baptist University baseball and basketball. He has had the privilege of calling games at TD Ameritade Park in Omaha and has called NCAA postseason games.

Brendan currently lives in Dallas with his wife, Ashley, and his dogs Oliver and Duke. He has had an unhealthy obsession with the Mavericks, Rangers and Cowboys since he was a kid and he also pretends to really like hockey. Brendan also claims to have seen Mighty Ducks 2 more than any other human in the world. If you want to make Brendan happy, just give him a gallon of milk and a box of Fruity Pebbles.


KT and Brendan Interview Chelsea Peretti

KT and Brendan interview Chelsea Peretti, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

105.3 The Fan–11/07/2014


Dr. Tivo

Brendan leads the group through a list of the best and worst TV shows from the fall season.

105.3 The Fan–11/06/2014


Best #1 Songs of the Last Decade

Brendan breaks down a list of the Top #1 songs of the last decade.

105.3 The Fan–09/30/2014

(credit: JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The Worst Local Commercials

The guys try and decide which business has the worst local commercial in a segment filled with bad singing and off beat rapping

105.3 The Fan–08/18/2014


Brendan’s Birthday Celebration

It’s Brendan’s 27th birthday so the gang celebrates with an audio tribute!

105.3 The Fan–04/21/2014


Play by Play of Life

Brendan and KT do play by play of Ben and Skin getting coffee and food from the vending machine, while Ben and Skin fire back with play of play of Brendan and KT waking up.

105.3 The Fan–03/21/2014

Audio Avalanche

Jimmy Fallon pulls off another great bit, and KT and Brendan do some life play by play of Skin driving in to work and Ben getting on an elevator.

105.3 The Fan–02/20/2014


Other Parts of the Paper: Dog Runs for Mayor

Brendan tells us the story of a man trying to get his dog to run for mayor in Irving and breaks the news that local news anchor Gloria Campos is retiring.

105.3 The Fan–02/19/2014


Other Parts of the Paper: Worlds Worst Arrest Record

Brendan tells us about a lady who was arrested for failing to return a VHS tape that she rented in 2005.

105.3 The Fan–02/17/2014


Other Parts of the Paper: National Police Force

Brendan tells us about how Conan O’Brien is coming to Dallas during the Final Four and how a Grand Prairie man was arrested by a second time by the “National Police Force.”

105.3 The Fan–02/14/2014


Other Parts of the Paper: “Sex Offension”

KC Masterpiece crashes the Other Parts of the Paper segment. Kevin introduces a new term, “sex offension”. Brendan also explains why not to rob a fast food restaurant.

105.3 The Fan–02/12/2014


Other Parts of the Paper- A lady breast feeds a dog

Brendan talks about a woman who breast feeds a dog while another lady fails to join the mile high club.

105.3 The Fan–02/10/2014