J.D. Miles

J.D. Miles

J.D. is an award-winning reporter who has been covering North Texas for CBS 11 since 1996. He began his career in Longview and also worked as a reporter in Johnson City, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma. But he’s a native Texan who was born in Dallas and raised in Plano. He attended Plano Senior High School and SMU, where he found his passion for journalism and decided to pursue a career in TV news.

J.D. has reported from all over the world including the Middle East, Europe and Canada. He has also covered Texas from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle. You’ll see J.D. at the scene of many of the most important stories affecting North Texans. Some of his most memorable recent experiences include being knocked down by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, dodging wildfires in West Texas in 2006 and wading through floodwaters in North Texas in 2007, all while meeting some extraordinary people along the way.

When he’s not on air, J.D. is a competitive tennis player, and you’ll usually find him practicing on a court or playing in a local tournament. He currently covers the Dallas Police Department for CBS 11 and is always on the lookout for the next big story!

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McKinney Councilman Silent After Police Release Body Cam Of His Arrest

McKinney Police are letting body cam video speak for itself in defense of an arrest involving a city council member.


McKinney Council Member Says He Was Arrested For Racial, Political Reasons

McKinney City Council Member La’Shadion Shemwell claims racial profiling and political retribution were behind his arrest during traffic stop.


Matin Azizi Yarand

Texas Teen Matin Azizi-Yarand Arrested For Planning Mall Shooting Spree

Authorities have arrested a 17-year-old Plano High School student who was allegedly planning a mass shooting at the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco to happen later this month.


Dallas Officer Funeral: ‘We’ve Lost A Beloved Brother’

Hundreds of officers from all over the country converged on Lake Point Church in Rockwall for Officer Rogelio Santander’s funeral.


Source: Pat-Down Of Suspect Missed Handgun In Shooting Of Officers At Dallas Home Depot

Sources tell CBS11, a pat down of shooting suspect Armando Juarez by an off-duty officer missed a handgun that was used during the shooting of two Dallas Police officers and a Home Depot employee.


Homeowners Warn Of Contractors Taking Advantage Of Severe Storms

Collin County homeowners are dealing with a side effect of last week’s severe storms that can be just as dangerous and unpredictable.


Frisco ISD Transportation Worker Indicted For Injury To Disabled Child

A bruise, along with what appears to be a fingernail impression on her son’s thigh, is what first got the attention of Tanya Adams.


North Texas Teen Faces Jail For Pointing Cell Phone Like A Gun At Fellow Students

Even without a gun, that intent was enough for police to charge the student for threatening to exhibit a firearm under a law that applies only to school property or a school bus.


Christina Morris’ Mother Opens Up About Daughter’s Remains Found After 3-Year Search

“I saw picture of her skull that was accidentally posted on Facebook,” said Jonni Hare.


Greyhound Passenger: Bus Driver Admitted She Was Driving Tired

Passengers complained after the bus started swerving and noticed the driver pinching her cheeks with tweezers to stay awake.


Mutiny On Greyhound Bus To Dallas As Driver Was Falling Asleep

Terrified passengers say their driver was falling asleep and it led to a confrontation caught on video.


Austin Bombings: ATF Confirms Components, Explosives Found In Suspect’s Home

The suspect in the Austin bombings is dead after a Wednesday morning incident along Interstate-35 in Round Rock, according to FBI and law enforcement sources.