Roy White

Roy White KRLDFM  Roy is a producer/contributor with “New School”, 5:30am – 10:00am on 105.3 the Fan.  He has previously worked as a producer with both “Josh and Elf” and “Elf and Slater”.

Roy is a graduate of the University of North Texas, having lived in Texas since 1999.  Before coming to the Fan in the fall of 2011, he spent 3 years as a board op/producer/ticker guy for various weekend shows at The Ticket in Dallas.

Roy’s favorite sports are (professional) football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, in that order.  He also considers television watching a sport, because nowadays you have to grind hard to watch all the shows you want or need to.

Three things Roy would take with him if he was stranded on an island : a bicycle (for traveling), a bow staff (feel safer with a bigger weapon), and David Eddings’ Belgariad and Mallorean book series (terrific fantasy novels).

If Roy were an animal, he would be a hippo, because they get to relax in the cool water everyday and are also super dangerous.

He considers himself a veteran gamer and an expert fantasy sport player.

Fan Super Bowl Media Party (2)

Roy Declares The Media Night Party A Success

There were so many exhibits to check out at the Explortorium, the home of the Super Bowl media party, but for me, here’s just a few of the fun things I got to see on Tuesday night.


Disco Drone (credit:

We All Should Embrace the ‘Patriot Way’

Are you like the millions of NFL fans out there : sick and tired of seeing the New England Patriots skirt the rules of the league, continually operating on the edge of what is and isn’t a competitive advantage, only to have their after-the-fact punishments reduced to nothing?



Hot Tub Confessional: Camp Fights

After a long day at Cowboys Training camp, Roy gets back to the beach house, takes a dip in the Coleman Hot Tub and give us his latest confessional.


Roy White Dancing

Roy Celebrates ‘The Summer Of Roy’ In Song

Roy White has made strides above and beyond anyone at THE FAN and he decided to celebrate … through song!



Chillin’ After A Long Day’s Work

After hitting the air at 3:30 a.m. and completing show prep for the following day, Roy White decided to retreat to his own personal paradise. Not the hot tub… He prefers the roof top view. […]


(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

A New Wind Is Blowing In California

Around this time last year, we stepped off the plan in Los Angeles to make our way down the Pacific Coast Highway to Oxnard, and wondered aloud just how bad the 2014 season might be.



Shopping With Roy & Shan

Roy White feels the need to stock the pantry at the Miller Lite Beach House. Shan just wants to go to sleep.


(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Jerry Better Have Dez’s Money

The clock is ticking!!! On Monday, Dez Bryant tweeted that he won’t report to the Dallas Cowboys unless he has a long-term deal.



Roy Eats The World Cup Final!

As the USWNT prepares for the World Cup Final, Roy White takes on the most intimidating food Japan has to offer — wasabi and raw octopus.



Roy Eats The World Cup

As the US Women prepare to take on Germany in the World Cup semis tonight, Roy White takes on German food.



Roy Eats The World Cup

As the USWNT prepares to take on China, Roy takes on the worst food China has to offer.



Roy Pays Off The Nose Hair Bet

Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky was drafted with the 9th overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday night. As a result of his top-10 selection, Roy White was subjected to nose-hair plucking ON-AIR!



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