Scott Padgett

Scott Padgett

Chief Meteorologist Scott Padgett joined CBS 11 in September 2013.

Like many meteorologists, Scott’s interest in weather started at an early age. Oddly enough, he had a fear of the weather from the time he was 3 until he was about 12. Scott and his father would sit on the front porch watching the storms roll into his neighborhood. He still remembers watching with amazement at the force of the wind and the intensity of the lightning. Thanks to his dad, his fear turned into a fascination, leading him to study meteorology at Western Illinois University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in meteorology and a double minor in broadcasting and math.

During Scott’s career, he has moved to and forecasted for many different climates. Scott has been challeged with ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and desert heat. Let’s just say, Scott knows weather. But being from a military family, Scott is used to moving. However, he is now glad to be “back home” with family.

Scott is both a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society.

In 2006, he was awarded the Seal of Approval of the American Meteorological Society. Scott is also an Emmy Award nominated meteorologist bringing more than 22 years of forecasting and broadcasting experience to North Texas.

Scott loves being active whether it is in the gym, hiking, running or traveling. Scott is always up for an adventure so, if you have something fun you think he should do or a place where he should do live weather, drop him a line!

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Not July Weather The Next Few Days.

Just before 11AM temps in NTX are comfortable thanks to dry air in place and cooler than average temps. We will see our shower chance increase today with a stationary front in our southern counties moving back Northward. Take a look at the futuresky forecast through time this afternoon into tonight. Rain chances increase tonight […]

CBS 11–07/16/2014

Sizzling Again, But Refreshing Air Coming

We have another hot day across North Texas on Monday, with temperatures warming into the triple digits. But rain and cooler conditions are on the way this week.

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Still Not 100┬░ Officially But 100s Are In The Forecast

Just before 9AM temps are in the upper 70s to lowers 80s across the metroplex. High pressure out west continues to build east and our temps will continue to rise. Here is your daypart forecast. We will be hot through the weekend into early next week before the jetstream shifts and a cold front arrives […]

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Sizzling Summer Day?

We are getting closer to that mark, where we put down 100 degrees in the books. Monday warmed to 99 degrees, and that could easily happen again on Tuesday.

CBS 11–07/08/2014

Flirting With 100 Degrees This Week

We are getting even hotter this week across DFW, as a high pressure center will build eastward. Temperatures will warm into the upper 90s and conditions will be mainly dry.

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Much Needed, But Little Rain Possible

Rain chances across North Texas sit at 30 percent on Wednesday and Thursday, but not everyone in the area will see showers. Check out when and where the rain might hit.

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Finally Friday Forecast

Happy Friday. This morning temps didn’t change too much under abundant cloud cover. We started out the 6AM hour with temps in the low to mid 70s. Today there is a small rain chance in the forecast for later this afternoon across the metroplex and higher chances in the east part of the state. The […]

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More Rain On Thursday?

Some parts of North Texas have seen a lot of rain over the past few days, but other areas have not gotten a drop. Well, there is another chance for rain on Thursday.

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Another Day With Wet Weather Possible

Some parts of North Texas saw scattered rain and isolated storms move through on Wednesday morning. It is unusual to have this much rain in the forecast this late in June.

CBS 11–06/25/2014

Storms Possible Again Today

The radar looked pretty dry across North Texas on Tuesday morning, but rain chances remain in the weather forecast for later in the day, especially in the southern counties.

CBS 11–06/24/2014

Continuing Blog Of Our Stormy Start To Monday

Monday morning started off with some pretty significant storms across parts of North Texas. Check out the latest information about when and where those rains will hit.

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Last day of “Spring” and on to Summer Heat

Happy Friday. Here is a sneak peak ahead of your day part forecast. We only have a 10% chance of rain in the forecast today so don’t expect a good helping of rain across NTX. You will feel the humidty today. High pressure to the east builds west through the weekend and as summer officially […]

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