• Some Evacuate, Some Golf As Volcano Spews AshPeople play golf as an ash plume rises in the distance from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island on May 15, 2018.
  1. Charles Knowles says:

    We have a service contract with Sears for repair of a Bosch dishwasher we purchased. We requested a service call before Christmas last year. So far they have made four service calls,and cancelled fifth due to overbooking. We have made several calls to customer service requesting faster and better services and have been repeatedly told they can do nothing better than what they are currently doing. Can you possibly look into this situation and see if you can obtain different results? Thank you.
    Charles Knowles
    650 CR 3655
    Paradise Tx 76073 Tel (940) 748-2325

    1. Linda says:

      Charles, my suggestion would be to call Sears Corporate to express your complaint. I bought a freezer from Sears and had issues with the way I was treated in a Sears Home Store. After two calls to customer service I never received call backs. My third call was the the corporate office. I was satisfied with the resolution. Here is the info just in case you want to call or write a letter.

      Sears Holdings Corporation
      3333 Beverly Road
      Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
      (847) 286-2500

  2. Lea Robinson says:

    This is news to me and pretty disturbing because I’d heard nothing about it. It’s not world war but it affects my choices. My dog is pregnant (on purpose) and we’re very excited. A month before delivery it is recommended to change over to canned puppy food. I went back to a brand I had been happy with before but now I was having troubles finding a particular type (chicken with rice [not for large breeds] for my 12 lb dog. Long story short: I went to several pet stores in town, went on the internet and finally contacted the company who was no help.
    I went back to a comparison site and stumbled into ConsumerSearch.com to read a review of the product out of curiosity to see if I was missing something.
    There were more than 20 reports of heartbreak with this previously very good brand. Common thread is liver related problems resulting in death and Nutro Natural Balance Dog AND Cat food. Nutro was bought by Mars @ May 1, 2007 according to http://www.nutroproducts.com/press5-1-07mars.asp. Business Pundit reported that FDA was rumored to be investigating Mars’ Nutro pet food. James Hood wrote, “there is not much that is “subjective” in our stories on the Nutro controversy. Our reports about pet owners’ experiences are based on more than 620 complaintsin our database. How many news stories have you written that are based on more than 600 citations?” I’m no longer feeding my pg, precious dog this food. The ugly illness and means of death with this is worth a report I think. Especially for people who have pets rule in their small worlds.

    1. Sheila Howard Stoelting says:

      If you can buy dog food in a national box store (Target, WalMart, Petsmart) or in your local grocery, it is absolute junk. The best food is homemade but if you have to buy canned or kibble, go to an independent pet store or feed store. Check out http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com. The best food is the stuff you never see advertised on TV. Btw, there are millions of dogs put to death every year for lack of homes. Why bring more dogs into the world?

  3. John Ryan says:

    On January 31, 2011, Exxon stated that profits were up 53%, this is above the RECORD profits they have been posting for the last 8 or 9 quarters! Now they use the Middle East strifes as an excuse to raise prices even more! There are no shortages, or fear of any; it;s just greed and power, and a way to curtail any recovery in the economy, and totally distroy us, the middle class, who are struggling as it it…if anyone else was doing this, it would be called “gouging”. We have to have it to function daily, making fuel a utiility!

  4. Kris Garcia says:

    My son had seen the doctor who said that he twisted his ankgle. I tried not to take my son out anywhere but we had to get groceries and he is too young to leave at home by himself. So we head over to the local Wal-mart store. My son could not walk without being in pain, so I put him in a motorized vehicle. I walked in front of him the whole time we were in the store so he would not bump into anyone. When we were checking out an employee named Marliyn approached us. She told my son to get out of the motorized vehicle. She said he was too young to ride it. I told her that he could not walk that he really needed it. My son was wearing a ankgle brace on his foot which could be clearly seen. I had to argue with Marliyn to keep my son in the motorized vehicle. As far as I can tell there are no age limits or restrictions on those motorized vehicle. Am I right?

  5. Kay McShane says:

    Clearly your son was under adult supervision and there was need. Sorry you were chastised. Marilyn was too quick to judge. I avail myself of these carts. With diabetes and mobility/stamina issues it is essential or I can not negotiate in a big store. I passed Sams Club again today when none of the only two carts were available. So Walmart, finaly found one that was working. I wish I had more shopping options with other stores who would get on board and provide these carts. When there are none, I leave and tell the door person “here’s 100 dollars + walking the door”. I shop @ 1 x a month. I can’t afford a 20-30 thousand van with a chair lift so I am at the mercy of Walmart .., and I really don’t like the changes – higher prices and less product selecion … a dollar for an onion? One? Really!! Kroger please read; get some carts? I wanna come back.

    1. Lea S. says:

      Kay, call Kroger’s main office at   1-800-KROGERS   (1-800-576-4377). I regularly shop at my local Krogers and have called this number for various questions and have received very good luck with their actions. Being mobility/stamina impaired, luckily my local store has four handicap carts that are always charged and are parked right inside the entrance. I hope you call them and your local store gets the much needed shopping carts.

    2. Chigasin says:

      Thanks! For these easy steps. I did it and I see the reply btutons under each comment. I have one problem and don’t know if there is a solution. When I reply to a comment it takes me to another screen with all the comments on it. And if I want to continue replying i have to go back to original screen and so on. Is there any way to reply underneath each comment in one page like in disqus. Like if you are chatting???Thanks

  6. Pam Long says:

    Greggo’s comments this morning at approx 7:15 am about teachers solicited a response immediately from the female d.j. … she called him on it by saying “Greg!”. Play i back and listen to the idiots venomous prattle! Really…really?!! With all that teachers are dealing with right now his comments were seriously out of line. He said his wife is a teacher. I hope she makes the jerk sleep on the couch for a week. The education of our children is our future. He should be ashamed. I will listen to your station one more day only in hopes your station has the good sensibility to have him apologize. After tomorrow… never again.

  7. andy p. bezner says:

    I know this isn’t the right place to comment, but i couldn’t find where to post a comment….anyway thank you for putting a Cross on Ash Wednesday weather forecast…our family LOVED that.

    andy p. bezner

    1. Garry Seith says:

      Our pleasure, Andy. -Garry Seith, CBS 11 Meteorologist

  8. Jeff Williams says:

    I have been a high speed DSL (3-6 MBs) subscriber for a year now.
    I feel like they have been giving me the runaround and not telling me the truth each time I call, sort of like not a lie but something in between.
    here is a log i have been keeping of DSL speeds and call note and service visits by AT&T.
    on each visit they determined that out wiring at our end was good and the router we are using is good. they are experiencing technical problems on their end, its wasn’t us.
    We have called AT&T tech support now over 6 times this year alone with no resolve to the hidden problem, and we are still paying for the high-speed service which were not getting. I feel like they are stealing from us and getting away with it.

    below are the logs and call times

    5:17 am dsl speed test 4.81
    8:27 dsl speed test 4.37
    9:11 dsl speed test 3.90
    9:39 dsl speed test 4.01
    10:20 dsl speed test 4.35
    11:11 dsl speed test 4.04
    11:35 dsl speed test 4.12
    11:59 dsl speed test 2.94
    12:43 pm dsl speed test 1.90
    1:08 1.90
    2:06 1.85
    3:07 3.78
    3:42 1.87
    4:21 2.66
    5:03 2.00
    7:00 pm 0 .66
    7:15 1.19
    7:21 1.09
    7:37 1.31
    8:00 1.62
    8:24 1.95
    8:38 0 .91

    9:58 2.56 mbs


    7:30am 1.74
    8:38am 4.30
    9:19am 3.92
    11:42am 3.32
    11:53 am 4.15
    12:14pm 1.97
    12:58 1.13
    1:52 2.19
    3:52 1.97
    5:32 2.93
    6:21 1.88

    2/15 6:pm 1.23
    8:pm 1.0

    2/17 10:pm .67
    11:pm .70
    12:pm 3.1 mbs after call in to the service desk AT&T tech will send out service tech to look at the
    lines. line ok per the service rep, no change in the service still experiencing slow speeds.

    7:30 am 3.03 mbs
    2:25 pm 2.58 mbs
    5:09 pm 3.84 mbs

    1:54am 4.98 mbs
    2:14pm 4.93 mbs
    2:20pm 4.61 mbs
    2:31pm 5.17 mbs service tech running tests
    2:49pm 3.95 mbs after Roy at&t service rep left
    3:10pm 2.47 mbs dropped back down no change, still experiencing slow speeds
    3:15pm 3.71 mbs

    9:53am 4.74mbs
    8:19pm .24 still experiencing slow speeds

    9:22pm .98 mbs still experiencing slow speeds

    9:27PM .69 still experiencing slow speeds

    8:20pm 1.55 mbs still experiencing slow speeds

    8:50 pm .79 call AT&T tech support to help with the internet service – slow speed
    At & T didn’t do anything except run more tests on the line, still experiencing slow speeds
    9:13 pm 1.12 mbs
    9:27 pm .88mbs still experiencing slow speeds

    7:30 pm 1.97
    7:57 pm 1.56 after DSL re start
    called at& t tech support again
    8:05 pm 4.23 MBs AT&T re set their router to the correct setting for our plan.

    8:15 pm .74 mbs
    8:30 restarted 2 wire and PC
    8:57 pm 1.47 mb AT&T called tech
    9:44 pm 1.23 mbs
    10:19 pm 1.16 mbs

    5:34 pm 3.12 mbs called service tech he said AT&T over sold the router 3.0-6.0

    6:53 am 4.7 mbs
    9:40 am 2.30 mbs

    10:29 am 2.23 mbs
    10:46 am 3.59 mbs

    8:38 pm 1.59 MBs

    8:30 pm 2.03 Mbs

    8:30 pm 2.24 MBs
    called AT &T tech support they are sending out a technician on 3/11 to trouble shoot
    9:16 pm 2.57 MBs

    1. JohnDoes says:

      what number you have been calling for AT&T Tech Support? the 800 288 2020 number? Those people there are in MANILA, Philippines, getting paid low wages to read from a script that’s useless. CALL TIER 2 directly at 888 720 1275. Tell them you want a RIP and REBUILD.

      Also a good website to go to to post your DLS problem and get help is this place:


      you don’t need to be register (FREE) to post.

    2. Kristin says:

      Jeff I went through the exact same thing w/AT&T and it took me 8 mnths to finally get one smart person to ask me the serial # on my modem to have him tell me it had been recalled the summer before (almost a year before). I had been told all the other times I called and had runs done that everything was fine and that it couldn’t be my modem. Just a thought you might check into. Also had to cancel all of my service through AT&T because they couldn’t grasp the concept that I wanted to get rid of my home phone and just hv internet. I went w/out phone and internet for 4 mnths then called them up and got just internet w/no problems. Go figure.

  9. JOSE F ORTIZ says:


    1. Kristin says:

      Jose unfortunately it is not just a polidy of Southwest that is policy with most airlines. Unless you buy a fully “refundable” ticket they will not refund your money. I book travel with my job every day and when I have to make changes they will charge a $150 exchange fee for a new date plus the diff of the cost of the new ticket. It is not cheap to do but they do have all of that in writing before you purchase the ticket. Sorry you are going to be out that money. Next time you might invest in a refundable ticket, although it will cost you about 10 x’s the cost of a non refundable ticket.

    2. Andrei says:

      My name is Donna Isabelle, I need to speak with someone in archge, and cannot accomplish, as I have tried in any way or reason to do, and I have had no sucess in doing so..No way was found to do so. Guess what?? NO RESULTS I am very frustrated, can you tell? I have a major problem as I moved my services and my bill is 4 times the ammount.. And I am hear to ask why AT T would move 2 phone numbers, close the third number out, and I asked to keep all the services intact, and the same as they were before moving and dropping one number.. I was told that would all be done, and welcome to the new AT T.. I recieved a bill for 1 number kept, thinking as for over 20 tears with AT T, that, that covered as always, all in house phones, and a bit more for this bill, as services were moved.. Well I recieved a second bill 2 days ago for $399.06, for the second phone # we have and was told by all customer services, that I called and or looked online, that someone agreed to this and please pay.. I will go to any lengths to resolve this, but AT T will have to fix and resolve this issue.. I am a long time customer, and I do count for something, and my money as well.. AT T should stand behind it’s name no matter what.. I called AT T to do this change and now I am being informed that my services are now being provided by THE NEW AT T.. What’s the difference?? I should have been told my bill would increase 4 times, and surely I would have declined, and changed after all these years. Not let myself be ripped off, as to a name.. Donna Isabelle

  10. Ms.Abrone Wright says:

    I would like to know something about why is it so hard to get a job even with an Temp Service, and I was born here but it looks like others from other Countries can get a job, open their own business, nice cars and Homes and they’re not from here but when it comes to the people that are born here it’s very hard and if you have an Felony it’s all over because they say that the Employer has the last word even if it’s been over 7 years. they want even give you a second chance, but with the Rich and Famous they go in and still come out with a better paying job. I say this because my son went to a Temp Service to sign up to work back in 2008 and come to find out someone was using is SS# and the lady that took his info. ask him are you sure that’s your SS# and I informed her that, that’s his SS# because I’m the way who filed for it and if someone else have his info. how did they obtained his number and why did the Company ask for more info.
    Now I think that when a person goes to a Temp Service and give them their info. and tell them that at this time we don’t have anything but you have all of my info.and they want even call you they just give it to someone they may know and let them work under your info. These Temp Services needs to held responsible for what they do because they are messing the America’s up and given Foreign what we need and that jobs because if you look at we can’t go to their Country and ask them to speak English or give a job to a Foreign before they give their own, we have Foreign that commit crimes in their Country and then come to the States and commit them and all we do is send them back to their Country because we have to because of the agreement we ( States) have and I don’t think thats right cause who is Debt is the States. I have a lot things to say but I just don’t know when or where or who I can say it to without being Judged.I know a lot of things and I would like to share it someone from time to time

    1. Isaura says:

      Tell me you’re sresuiprd ..ATT and Verizon have never lost their Monopoly training from the original ATT, Ma Bell. They have continue to feel they own the network and folks just have to deal with it and pay for the privilege.A Democratic White house, leading to customer focused FCC management, will help. For example, we should go back to requiring both ATT and Verizon to lease the copper loop at regulated, wholsale rates. The copper was paid for by customers paying regulated Ma Bell phone rates for years; the customer own the network. I’ll note here that Verizon likes to remove the copper loop whenever they install FIOS so that customer cannot later drop FIOS for a competing vendor since there’s no copper for the competitor to use. But folks are getting smarter and demanding that dial-tone on the copper wire MUST survive the FIOS installation. Ultimately we need a third broadbank provider, after Telcos and cable, to provide some real competition. Most other developed countries have faster service at lower costs so we can do it too.Ray

    2. Perlita says:

      sillykaybear on August 24, 2011 I just pre-ordered Little Big Planet 2 and Batman Arkham 2 from Amazon. And I got them for FREE! Just went to ddjponmaudy.webs.com and clicked on the free ps3 banner, Sign up and fill out a couple of surveys. I thought it was a scam, But I got 2 ps3 games now for free to show for it.

  11. Duckman says:

    Consumer product complaints have been around as long as products have. They can usually be broken down into 4 categories:
    1. Item did not function to specification.
    2. Support of item did not equal specification.
    3. Customer expected item to function beyond specification.
    4. Customer expected more support than specified.

    The last two is where you get the most complaints. Retail electronics, for example, is one of the strange industries where the consume expects the longer a product has been out the cheaper it must be. This expectation causes the consumer electronics industry and retail to trim every dollar they can out of it while still making enough money to stay in business. This shrinks warranties, support and, at the stores, available customer service since there isn’t as much profit margin anymore. So when you buy the computer for $300, how long do you expect service and how much employee time did you buy to assist you with it?
    When you have a problem in the first two categories, their are legalities and warranties to help you and you are perfectly justified in frustation.
    In the last two categories ask yourself if you want to go back to paying >$1000 for a computer, $3000 for a 40″ TV etc, etc?

  12. Wendy says:

    I have received a credit card that I did not apply for. I don’t know who to report this to, perhaps someone here can help me. Of course, I will not call to activate it, but I also do not want it appearing on my credit report as a closed account.

  13. Ann says:

    My complaint I’m sure you’ve either witnessed personally or heard about. It’s the Walmart Store off HWY 30 & St.Francis Ave. They have the worst customer service ever from long checkout lines to incompetant workers that don’t control the situation and don’t give a dam either additude. It’s very convenience for me however I drive further east to Garland or Mesquite for much better service. I wish they’d close this store however I’m afraid it would become a bizzare and there’s enough around there already. I know this store has hundread’s of complaint’s daily that fall on deaf ears.

    1. Linda says:


      You can alway file a written complaint with Walmart HQ:

      Walmart Home Office
      702 SW 8th Street
      Bentonville, Arkansas

  14. Michael Newell says:

    My brother’s phone, internet, and FIOS tv were turned off last month. Verizon said it was an error, he owed nothing, & srvice would be restored within 4 hrs. I called back in 1 1/2 hrs and they apologized, transferred me to the Commercial business lines office who disconnected me transferring me to” orders”. I called “orders” and got someone in Florida who said he had to request new service and bro has a credit hold. They transgferred me to the wrong department but I called their credit people who apologized, said that no credit hold existed but the line was somehow blocked by the idiot that completely removed service while atytempting to reconnect service. I had to put in an order in MY name to get service promised by 9am the next morning. Next morning I had ibnternet, no tv, no phone. I SPOKE WI?TH A TOTAQL OF 21 PEOPLEINCLUDING 4 SUPERVISORS AND ONE MANAGER AND GOT THEIR NAMES AND IDs. TV was back on 24 hrs later, phone was on in 3 days. They promised $101.93 including taxes on a $85 Special but I got a bilol today for $126. My brother got one too for $143. These people are beyond help… total ball-busting idiots. Guess who’s coming tomorrow?… the Time Warner installer.
    My grandparents had GTE / Verizon for 40 years. Brother had it for 18 years. NEVER AGAIN! Total wall-to wall incompetence!

    1. Michael Newell says:

      As a sidenote… Verizon will NEVER see one dime of my money and if that bill ends up on my credit report I will own Verizon and Ivan Seidenberg will be mowing my lawn. Al Queda brought down one of their buildings but I know where the others are. I’ll be mailing back their modem and include some packing provided by my dog. I wish that I could be there to watch when it’s opened. The packing material has the same 4-letter word describing Verizon Service.

  15. Jamie says:

    went through the same thing with A T&T and that is why I won’t buy an IPhone…refuse to do business with them anylonger….unplugged my lanline too…I am amazed that they are still in business…..

    1. Michael Newell says:

      My dog Max woke me up wanting outside today so I got up and let him out.I was laying in bed awake when someone knocked ONCE on the door. I put on shorts and shirt from the chair next to my bed and there was no one at the door when I opened it. There was a small truck with a Time Warner sticker at the curb. I found a Mexican Time Warner guy at the side of the house that said he went to the back yard and let my dog out. I called him an idiot, told him he had no business going into the yard / letting my dog out and I went chasing Max two doors down. I managed to get Max back in the house, took a nitro tablet, went back out front and I picked up the Mexican guy’s cones and tools & threw them into the pickup bed, told him to get in his truck and leave before I bury his shovel up his rear. He said he’d get a tool he’d left and I told him if he came back into my yard he’d wish the hell he hadn’t.I got his tool for him and threw it into the back of his pickup but he refused to leave. He stood in the street next to his truck after a little physical persuasion. I went back in the house, took a nitro, and saw that the rear sliding glass patio door was wide open, the back gate open, and Max was in the Greenbelt. The idiot had climbed over the fence and opened the back gate and patio door after I’d told him to leave! I chased Max into the neighbor’s yard, took another nitro, and dialed 9-1-1. My chest was about to explode and Max sat with me while I caught my breath and talked with 911. She was Dallas 9-1-1 so I hung up when she put me on hold. By the time I got Max back into the house, the Carrollton 911 called and said she wanted to send an ambulance. I said just send police before I have to kill this idiot who refuses to leave, had left the back gate opened after climbing over the fence, opening my back door and leaving the back gate open after I told him to leave and stay off the property and have Time Warner send someone else. I told the 9-1-1 lady that I’d taken a 3rd nitro and was getting better and went to the front yard where a Carrollton Policeman was telling the guy to leave and to tell his supervisor to send someone else. So what did he do? The idiot argued with the policeman and walked back into the front yard. At that point I told the cop I’d take his gun and shoot the #$%^& if he doesn’t get back in his truck and leave. The cop looked at me and smiled (kinda like he wanted to shoot the guy, too) and told me to calm down and lean against my car. I didn’t need much prodding on that and a fire truck with 5 guys,Two police cars two policemen. one ambulance with two medics all converged into the living room after I let Max in the backyard and locked Jenny in my bedroom. They took my blood pressure , my EKG, and oxygen and read my prescription list asking “You take all of this!?!” and made me sign some forms saying that I was refusing to go to the hospital and released them of responsibility. The medics and the policeman said that they’d rush back if I called. Everyone of them were real nice guys and had a sense if humor. When the medic doing the charts asked about my medical problems I told him that I have pulmonary ischemia, 5 stents, quad bypass, coronary artery disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and anorexia. We all had a good laugh over that.
      I’m not laughing at Time Warner, though. If you know a lawyer / are one that would enjoy building a mansion and a repyutation by slaying a couple of utility dragons, please contact me. My proceeds will go to the UTSW and Medical City Heart and Lung Transplant Programs. I’m not a greedy guy looking for a pocket full of money… I’m an angry consumer looking for a way to give the Utility Corporations a reality check.

  16. Laura T says:

    CSI Miami is suppose to be in English on Sunday nights. To our dismay it is in Spanish tonight. I do not understand why the change. In can be in Spanish on a spanish station not Channel l;l. Also, the sound seems to come and go at will. All other stations are working properly so it is not my TV. Wake up your attendant on Sunday night. English. English.

    1. Michael T says:

      We live in Texico. You have to expect that. Don’t forget to press ‘i’ for English if you call to complain.

    2. Denis says:

      FYI … for the first cmnoemt only post it looks like a work-around is to post the code after the “” tag. I have it showing up now for all but deleted cmnoemts. I don’t know why it wasn’t working on the “” … maybe that isn’t included in all posts or cmnoemts.Something else to try would be to put it after the “” and see if it shows up … I don’t feel like messing with it since it appear to be working now.

  17. Pirro says:

    I’m shocked that cell phone providers don’t make the list. AT&T is so horrible that I consider them the perfect example of a company that doesn’t care the slightest bit about its customers. That’s the problem with big, fat companies like them, they can afford to treat customers like dirt because they get away with it. If I had my way, I’d break it up and fire all the upper management because they don’t care a bit.

  18. Stan says:

    Anybody else recognize the man in the tan cap?? I’m sure he does better work than what they are talking about in the caption !

  19. Michael T says:

    It’s becoming more and more difficult to complain to contractors, vendors, teachers and government employees because they don’t speak English.

    1. stefano says:

      I’m trynig to add a reply button to my blog. I easily made it through your well-crafted instructions, but lose it with the following instruction found in the middle of your direction:Once you have added your Blogs ID save your template and the reply button has been added to your Blogger comments.Replace The Text Reply With An ImageI’m can’t catch onto the “Once you have added your Blogs ID” part. I have the ID number, but where do I add it to?I appreciate your help!

    2. Fernanda says:

      Saw the requirement month ago borfee att merged. called to activate said service today and was told the naked service alone was $50 per month but i could get dsl pro service with phone service for the same $50at no time was the $10 month broadband service offered for the $25 special. Att has no intention to sell this service but instead to have customers paying at least $100 per month for phohe and dsl service.$39.95 for PRO dsl, $34.95 for basic phone and an additional $30 for unlimited all distance service. its pure double talk and upsell when one call the service center to order the service.welcome to deregulation america. where is the competition when there are no choices.

  20. Michael Wyant says:

    why don’t companies stand behind there products? We had flooring installed less than 1yr ago in our new home by CC Carpet and the flooring finish is coming off and we now have mold. Existing hardwood flooring has no issues, just that installed by CC’s. We noted 3 months after install and got the run around for the last 9 months, now we are being told that on installation moisture checked out and now we have a moisture problem They cannot show me anywhere where they checked or told me this. They are now telling us it is our problem.

    Anyone else tired of someone not standing behind there work. They should not of installed the flooring in the 1st place, it was an installation decision done incorrectly and they will not do anything for us.

  21. Yunus says:

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  22. Henni says:

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  23. Ella Johnson says:

    When an customer has been overcharged with fees from AT&T. What do we do to thoses fees back?

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