1. Deb Gillis says:

    I am furious that you interrupted regular programming for this new conference, I could see it later but the show The Talk will not be!!!!!
    Not everyone cares about football and you can watch this on any sports channel or online.
    Bad call program manager!

    1. Bigwave Dave says:

      Deb, relax. Wow, talk about hyper-tension !!

    2. Fog Q says:

      U need to get a life. The talk is for spinsters and PTA huzzies anyway.

    3. Bill says:

      I agree with you Deb! This is what happens when a TV station lowers is standards and hires a program manager who is not up to the job.

  2. Lois McManus says:

    Tom Landry was the BEST OF THE BEST….

    1. Judy says:

      I totally agree with Lois McManus. Tom Landry’s legendary fame for being a gentleman in a difficult sport lives one. The beauty is the new Cowboys Stadium is off Tom Landry Freeway in Arlington. Tom Landry, RIP and job well done. Judy

      1. Danny says:

        I second that motion. Tom Landry brought a winning way and did it with such class and intelligence. He and Tex created and carried on a fantastic dynasty and though Jimmy Johnson did well and brought us some more trophies, just the way of Landry was a delight and garnered the respect of the league that continues today. I miss that time and the way the team carried itself and just the way they went about things properly and with character.

  3. Johnny Medina says:

    The best thing jerry jones can do for the cowboys is run a regular program where he gives the coach some type of inout as to who the players are he coaches. They won three superbowls with either jimmy johnson or jimmy johnson’s team even though they had great talent those years they didnt win it all. Jimmy Johnson was the best coach the cowboys have had since Tom Landry…..Jerry jones deep pockets have helped but he leaves the coach without authority over his own players

    1. Rodney says:

      Actually, the best thing JJ can do is hire a GM and step aside. The GM should be the medium between the Owner & Coaches as well as the players. He needs someone who knows football talent and how to build a team. Neither money nor a stadium will build a team. JJ Loves to hail Steinbrenner’s approach as an owner but even GS had the sense enough to have a GM. I see JJ as another Al Davis, and the Cowboys have unfortunately become another Raiders, just happy to make the playoffs.

  4. Thomas says:

    Jerry Jones has done everything he can to prove that he is a profits driven owner. He has allowed the Dallas Cowboys to deteriorate to a point of total degradation by allowing players to continue to play after drug use, other illegal activity, a total lack of ethics or moral values and his profits driven mentality. The Jones family’s Dallas Cowboys have no right to be considered “America’s Team” or “God’s Team” when Jones’ team can’t even play with the sportsmanship or the ethics of a true Cowboys team. I have been a fan of the Cowboys for a very long time, and love the team and am a native Dallas resident. BUT, this is not the Dallas Cowboys of the past, and without those core values, they will never be! And as a new Cowboys era, it does nothing for me.

    1. B-Dog says:

      lol sounds like you are a serious hater and just dont like the cowboys beating your team 🙂

    2. BIGGA' N' TEXAS! says:

      i remember the reaction Jerry had on him when he made Landry retire and brought Jimmy in… oh the chaos… he was almost banned in the city… until he won 1… 2….3… super bowls. Then the city was telling him that he was a football genius.. so much that it swelled to his head and fired Jimmy. i agree with him not being the best GM there is… but he may be the best owner in all of sports. he makes the most out of the Cowboys… he got them out of Texas stadium and into the beauty of the stadium in Arlington… and it is a still America’s Team if you you say so or not. hes better than Robert Kraft, Mike Brown, Al Davis etc etc. and for you to say that about the cowboys makes me question your passion and love of the great state of Texas since the they go both hand and hand. go jump on GB band wagon or the Steelers. im pretty sure they have enough room and we could use more room on our wagon. come back when we start winning again and maybe, just maybe, you can suck up your pride for once and say that you were wrong. if not, i dont care, i still have my Texas card… you seemed to have lost yours awhile back. you are not a Cowboys fan, just a poser. and since they do nothing for you, i dont expect to hear an idiotic response…but hopefully other people will learn from your team spirit and state spirit. now go back to Oklahoma newspaper and stay out of ours.

  5. Teri Staublein says:

    I live in Keller TX., rated 7th best place to live in America a few years back. ON Saturday my chihuahua, Twinkie was murdered by a pit bull in front of myself and my granddaughter. The Keller Police would do nothing about removing the pit bull until animal control would investigate on Monday 01/17/11, 2 days later as animal control couldn’t be bothered to be called in on a Saturday. Regardless of what all pit bull lovers think, once a pit kills anything it will kill again. The city of Keller will not remove the pit until their investigation is complete. I just want everyone to know how ineffectual the city of Keller is. Office W. Horton specifically and Joy in animal control especially. Keller should change their slogan to “Best place in TX to raise Pit Bulls”

    1. B-Dog says:

      boohoo we would care if we werent reading cowboys stuff…talk to the news and get a gig we here dont frankly care….

  6. Althea Brown says:

    Coach Landry was the greatest (RIP). Twenty-eight years with one team-wow!
    Coach Jimmy- we miss you – two superbowls back to back with the triplets. Oh! the glory days!

  7. David says:

    Tom Landry was a class act! He made the Cowboys a brand name.

  8. David says:

    Sure Jerry wishes he still had Jimmy coaching the team. After Jimmy finally determines how to coach in the NFL, this was a bad turnover to force Jimmy out.

  9. Rick says:

    Who is the only owner to fire every coach in the history of the cowboys?

  10. Ceda Dufus says:

    Who comes after Garrett?

  11. Dave says:

    I’m a Cowboy fan and most likely nothing will change that. However Jones has made incredibly stupid coach decisions. The Cowboys would have several more Super Bowl victories if Jones had not let his ego get involved when he let Jimmy Johnson go. Then stupidly Jones hired idiot Switzer, When the ‘Boys won the SS in ’95 Switzer still had the vast majority of player picked by Johnson. Hell, I could have coached that team and won by telling them to just go play. Then Jones hired Gailey and we headed down hill for there. Jones may own the Cowboys, but he is stupid.

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