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  1. cassandra hendricks says:

    The people in Texas should look to the NORTHERN states during winter for winter wweather advice. I moved here from Ohio an I do not see what this stupid sand does for the ice!!!!Please start using road salt,it melts it! Also, just because you have 4 wheel drive does not mean your tires aren’t rubber!!!! Rubber slides no matter how many tires are moving. Common sense tells you to drive slower in bad road conditions!! Thanks—-Cassandra from the Nati

    1. Craig says:

      I agree with 100 percent, i also moved here from Ohio back in 1986, I’ve been saying hte same thing since 1986 still no answer

      1. chris says:

        your answer is in ohio. hit the road and dont come back!

    2. DHD says:

      Here’s a link to an article from TxDot as to why they haven chosen not to use salt for road maintenance.

    3. chris says:

      please move back to ohio. we are not equipped to handle weather that comes around every once in a while. since you think so much more of ohio please pack your snow blower and feel free to move back.

  2. merideth ragsdill says:

    you should come to ivy hill 3305 in arlington boy is there alot of ice there!!

  3. Anna says:

    I noticed today, after finally braving the ice on the roads. All the idots who were driving while TEXTING and TALKING on the phone…. YOU should have a freaking wreck or at least get a ticket… NOT only were YOU not paying attention but you were causing more backups on roads that were dangerous enough!!! STAY OFF YOUR phones or stay HOME!!!

  4. Katrina says:

    I live in Rockwall and I also Noticed this. A lady in front of me on 30 East was driving about 10 miles per hour. Thinking she is just scared and taking extra precaution I pass her slowly only to see she is holding up traffic because she is on the phone. Its dangerous to text/ talk and drive in normal conditions. Please dont put us smart people in danger because of your ignorance.

  5. Roseanna Cook says:

    you know we have to sit here and watch out the window at this with the only thing to do is watch television. we,ve seen this since waking this morning and we would like to see something besides this repeated nonstop

  6. g. hernandez says:

    Enough of the salt is a HAZARD PRODUCT. If the north state have used it for years. We need to used it too. It’s not like we have snow everyday. Our state needs to get a new personal for the job. Thx for making us look bad for the superbowl. Plus, more jobs for the mechanics in our state.

    1. chris says:

      who cares about jerry’s bowl. let it be over with already and hopefully they will never come back. hey nfl – we dont want you down here.

  7. Hemroidious says:

    Cow Farts cause Global Warming.

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