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R2-D2 Is EverywhereThat beeping little robot from the "Star Wars" saga seems to always find himself at the center of any situation. Here's a look at R2-D2's travels around the galaxy.
Top 10 Tech TownsGeek is chic, and all those geeks seem to be migrating to a few select cities. Here's a look at the top 10 American cities for technological growth.
Video Game Rock StarsAs the "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" video games have grown in popularity, several rock stars have made guest appearances in the games as themselves.
The Coolest Apple StoresApple is known for its hip style in electronics, and that same trend carries over into its retail stores. Look at some of the coolest Apple Stores around the world.
Japanese Robot CrazeIn 2010, Japanese robotics makers are creating some of the most life-like robots ever -- so life-like they can even be used for medical training. It seems the future is indeed now.
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