Montague Co. Deputy: All I Saw Was A Gun

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The Montague County Deputy who took a bullet to the head last week is talking to the media for the first time after his life-changing ordeal.

Investigators believe Deputy James Boyd was shot by Evan Ebel during a traffic stop last week. Ebel, a known white supremacist, is also suspected of committing two murders in Colorado.

Boyd says he was working drug interdiction, looking for anything suspicious along US-287, when he spotted the Black Cadillac Deville with Colorado plates. He says he had a gut feeling that something was wrong and regrets not calling for backup before approaching the vehicle. Boyd says when he walked up to Ebel’s car, all he saw was the barrel of a gun.

“As soon as I approached the passenger side, stuck my head over, all I saw was a gun. At that point, I remember seeing the gun shoot off a number amount of times, and I could see the cartridges fly out.”

Boyd says he never had a chance to talk to Ebel. But he instantly knew it was important to get Ebel off the streets before someone else was hurt.


“I got kind of half way up looking for my mic, trying to call for help,” says Boyd. “That’s about the time I figured out I’m bleeding from the face something’s not right, I need help here.”

Boyd says he’s anxious to return to work, where he says he pulls over the most amount of cars in Montague County, but writes the fewest amount of tickets.

“It’s what I enjoy doing. Everyday you go into the job not knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s just the risk you take,” explains Boyd. “Yes I’ve got a scar on my head, but I’m up and moving. It’s going to take more than that to kill me.”

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