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Mike Bacsik

Bacsik’s Spin Class

Mike Bacsik filled in for Skin, and gave some insight into the spin class that he teaches every Wednesday morning.

105.3 The Fan–10/16/2014

Mike Bacsik

Mike Bacsik’s 10 Things to do With Beer w/ Freestyle

MC Ball Sack returns with a freestyle rap after giving a very informative Top 10 list.

105.3 The Fan–10/16/2014

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

Travis Frederick

Cowboys center Travis Frederick joins Ben and Bacsik for his weekly Travis Frederick show to discuss the Seahawks win and the upcoming battle against the Giants.

105.3 The Fan–10/16/2014

Joseph Randle (Mugshot via Frisco Police Dept.)

A Quick Joseph Randle Story

The guys discuss the latest from the Joseph Randle situation.

105.3 The Fan–10/14/2014

(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Steve Marriucci

Former NFL Head Coach and current NFL Network analyst Steve Marriucci called in to the Ben and Skin show to talk Cowboys.

105.3 The Fan–10/14/2014

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks

Barry Church

It’s always a party on Tuesdays at 4:30 for the Barry Church Show!

105.3 The Fan–10/14/2014

Fantasy Football CBSDFW

Fantasy Football Dilemma

Ben and Brendan are at each other’s throats due to a major fantasy football disagreement.

105.3 The Fan–10/14/2014

East Texas Sports Boys

East Texas Sports Boys

Billy Ray Brooks and Mitch McCoy strike again, this time pranking a Seattle Seahawks blogger. The East Texas Sports Boys are back. YEEHAW!!!

105.3 The Fan–10/09/2014

New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys

Travis Frederick

Cowboys center Travis Frederick hops on for his weekly show with Ben and Skin. This week he talks about his internet celebrity status and talks about how well he knows Russell Wilson.

105.3 The Fan–10/09/2014

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland with Ben & Skin (Photo by J.Burkett, CBSDFW.com)

Derek Holland

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland comes in-studio for three segments to celebrate his birthday and talk Rangers baseball and Stars hockey.

105.3 The Fan–10/09/2014

Halloween 2013 Walking Dead

Dr. Tivo: Ben’s Current Top 10 List of TV Shows

With The Walking Dead returning on Sunday, Ben power ranks his Top 10 current television shows.

105.3 The Fan–10/09/2014

credit: http://www.loveburgershack.com

The Loveshack

Every Wednesday night at 6:15 the guys open up the phone line for the ladies and tonight the topic is biggest turnoffs.

105.3 The Fan–10/08/2014