21 Best Rangers Ever

Texas Rangers

21 Best Rangers Ever: Nolan Ryan

Arguably the key moment in the history of the Texas Rangers happened on December 7, 1988. That was the day that Nolan Ryan signed a free agent deal with the Texas Rangers, setting the beleaguered franchise on a course that’s still taking shape.


Ivan Rodriguez - Catcher

21 Best Rangers Ever: Ivan Rodriguez

In the mind of at least one Rangers fan (the author), Ivan Rodriguez will always be a 19-year-old called up from Oklahoma City so fast he had to postpone his wedding. He’ll always be the pudgy kid who earned his nickname for a reason, and will always be the catcher with the magic arm that almost picked off Rickey Henderson at second base on July 2, 1991.


Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers

21 Best Rangers Ever: Michael Young

There is a reason a 3-year-old boy from Weatherford became a YouTube star this year. ‘He My Team’ isn’t just a child talking, it really describes Micheal Young.


Rusty Greer #29

21 Best Rangers Ever: Rusty Greer

The Rangers have had a number of popular players over the years, but very few have come close to the popularity of The Red Baron.


Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers slams a double

21 Best Rangers Ever: Juan Gonzalez

There are power hitters, then there is Juan Gonzalez. Arguably the most prolific hitter in Rangers history, Juan Gone’s numbers have earned him the #5 spot of the 21 Best Rangers Ever.



21 Best Rangers Ever: Jim Sundberg

Considered one of the great defensive catchers in all of Major League Baseball, Jim Sundberg was the anchor of the Texas Rangers for much of his 16-year career.


Palmeiro hits 496th home run

21 Best Rangers Ever: Rafael Palmeiro

The man at first base for two periods in Rangers history, Rafael Palmerio was also equally solid at the plate, hitting 321 of his more than 500 home runs in a Rangers uniform.


Fergie Jenkins

21 Best Rangers Ever: Ferguson Jenkins

Arguably the first superstar to don a Texas Rangers uniform, Ferguson Jenkins’ 6 seasons in Arlington still rank at the top of team’s all-time lists.


Charlie Hough

21 Best Rangers Ever: Charlie Hough

Ask any Rangers fan who grew up watching the team in the 1980’s who the Ace of the pitching staff was for much of the decade and they will tell you Charlie Hough.


Ruben Sierra

21 Best Rangers Ever: Ruben Sierra

It’s a sweltering July night in 1987. A 21-year-old Puerto Rican is in the on deck circle when his name is called by announcer Chuck Morgan over the old Arlington Stadium speakers in left-center field. “Now batting for your Texas Rangers, outfielder Ruben Sieeeeerrra.”


Photo: CBS 11 Archives

21 Best Rangers Ever: Buddy Bell

When you picture the 1984 Texas Rangers in their red road uniforms, Buddy Bell always stands out as the player of record. Always clutch in the hot corner for 8 seasons in Arlington, Buddy Bell was the leader of the Rangers from 1979-1985, and retired with the Rangers in 1989.


Alex Rodriguez Rangers

21 Best Rangers Ever: Alex Rodriguez

There are players whose time in a Rangers uniform will be remembered positively, others whose time will be looked upon with indifference, then, there is Alex Rodriguez.