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A Rare Medium Well Done


A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.27.12

cowboys camp is here..RAGE will be there for two weeks..we have tons of shenanigans planned..we might even actually talk football..btw..this will be my 23rd training camp.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.24.12

let me get this out of the way right out of chute…no amount of security or gun control could have stopped that nutcase from shooting up the theater in colorado..some people are just evil and determined



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.20.12

i find this hard to believe..but multiple sources are saying the phillies are talking about trading clifford..makes no sense to me..but the arlington nine are interested.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.17.12

.josh ham has seen his supersonic batting average spiral down over 100 points in a month..chasing too many bad pitches..and striking out at alarming rate.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.4.12

while i was baiting my ego trot line and casting into the arrogant fishing hole..markymark cuban was chumming the waters of the shark tank…i would say this is a tale of the “big one that got away



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.3.12

the stars make a slick trade..and coupled with the magnificent move of bringing back ace ice hockey guru Jim Lites has the stick and puck needle pointing due north.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 7.2.12

i’m on r&r…but i am so arrogant and my ego is so big…that in my warped mind…i think everyone gives a crap about what i think…even though most don’t.


Greggo, 105.3 The Fan

A Rare Medium Well Done: 6.28.12

bad signs for the mavs wooing of dwill..seems like he is leaning toward staying with the nets and the big russian


Greggo's new super car

A Rare Medium Well Done: 6.25.12

now it’s time josh ham gets on the stick..his pistols and saddle rifle has been misfiring lately..still among league lead pups in many batting slots..but he’s overdue for a tear-up-your-ass massacre hitting spree.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 6.21.12

the arlington nine are in the midst of 16 of next 19 at ballpark..playing some real soft-bellies..15-4 is the number..anything less against those sub.500 dregs is unacceptable.