Pinwheels Represent Children Abused Last YearPart of the Texas Christian University (TCU) campus is now covered in blue. TCU has joined forces with Alliance For Children (AFC) to raise awareness about local child abuse.
Dallas Head Shaving Video Sparks Homeless Woman SearchHomeless advocates and Dallas police are trying to find a missing woman who, from all indications, hasn’t been seen since a disturbing internet video of her was posted online last month. The video shows the woman being harassed, teased and slapped while two men, in a barbershop, shave her head and eyebrows.
Penn State Scandal Stirs Debate Over Abuse Reporting LawsWhen Joe Paterno, the ousted Penn State football coach, was confronted with a possible case of child rape, he notified his bosses rather than call police. That was all Pennsylvania law required him to do, yet in most other states the failure to call could be a crime.