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NCAA Players Coach Special Olympics Athletes

NBA legend Grant Hill and a team of 10 NCAA basketball players teamed up to put on a basketball clinic for Texas Special Olympics athletes Sunday in Dallas.


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August 10 Is Top Day For Home Burglaries

According to a recent report from Allstate Insurance Company, there are more home burglaries committed across Texas on August 10 than any other day throughout the year.


The bank vault is photographed with it's door open in a secu

Prank Leaves Arlington Employee Trapped In Old Vault

A man was trapped in an old bank vault for three hours on Thursday evening after a practical joke went wrong.


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Shedding Pounds Could Ease ‘Pain At The Pump’

Are you looking for another good reason to shed a few pounds? According to a new study, losing weight could save you money at the gas pump.


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No More Minimum Coverage For Drivers After Jan. 1

After Jan. 1, the state of Texas will begin forcing drivers to carry higher liability coverage, which means all who carry minimum coverage should expect their policy’s price to increase by as much as three percent.


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Allstate Raising Texas Homeowner Insurance Rates

Some Texas homeowners will be paying more for coverage in 2011. Allstate Insurance has notified the Texas Department of Insurance that it will increase homeowner rates statewide.