Alzheimer’s Disease

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Local Doctor Talks Heat, Alzheimer’s, AIDS

Dr. Crystal Foster with Baylor Health Systems talks about the latest developments in the fights against Alzheimer’s and AIDS, and how to stay safe in the extreme heat.


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Clock Ticking With New Plan To Fight Alzheimer’s

The clock is ticking: The first National Alzheimer’s Plan sets a deadline of 2025 to finally find effective ways to treat, or at least stall, the mind-destroying disease.


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Exercise May Lower Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

A recent study suggests that keeping your body active could help keep your mind sharp. According to researchers, physical activity lowers the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.


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Resistance Training May Stave Off Dementia

A new study shows that using a senior’s exercise program — especially those that focus on resistance training — may be able to slow dementia.


Police in Weatherford have issued a Silver Alert for 78-year-old William Molfetto, an Alzheimer's patient who was last seen on Monday morning at Keenland Nursing Home. (credit: Weatherford Police Department)

Missing Weatherford Man Found – Silver Alert Canceled

Police in Weatherford have issued a Silver Alert for 78-year-old William Molfetto, who was last seen on Monday morning.


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Study Calls Antioxidants Ineffective Against Alzheimer’s

For years, doctors have touted an antioxidant-rich diet to help stave off memory loss. But a new study says that antioxidants may not do much.


UCLA v Texas

Alzheimer’s Fund Set Up Honoring Legendary Longhorn Coach

Royal, who suffers from the disease, also appeared at the hearing along with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and actor Matthew McConaughey.


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Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease In Mice

A new study of a promising Alzheimer’s treatment has doctors buzzing that the drug may reverse the deadly neurodegenerative disease.


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Glen Campbell Opens Up About His Battle With Alzheimer’s

Just a few months ago, Glen Campbell told the world he has Alzheimer’s. Now, one of the world’s greatest guitarists and performers is trying to hold on to his memories.


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Alzheimer’s Disease Spreads By Jumping Across Brain Cells

Alzheimer’s disease spreads through the brain like an infection, jumping from one cell to another, according to a new study.


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GP Couple Helped By News Of Alzheimer’s Misdiagnosis

More than 5 million Americans are right now facing a frightening diagnosis: Alzheimer’s. But, experts say as many as one percent of those cases—50,000 or more—could instead be the only curable form of dementia: NPH—Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.


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Brain Teasers Could Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Doctors always talk about the importance of daily exercise to stay healthy. But when it comes to fitness, are you doing enough to work out your brain?