Animal Rescue


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Grace

Grace is a beautiful dog with a heartwarming story of recovery and motherhood. Her puppies have all found homes, but she is still looking for a family. Could it be yours?

105.3 The Fan–03/18/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Mr. Bean

This darling dog is looking for a place to call home. How can you resist this face?

105.3 The Fan–03/13/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Belle

Belle is a well-behaved, affectionate and very smart girl looking for a new family. She is eager to please and learns new things quickly. Can you help her find a home?

105.3 The Fan–03/04/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Sunny

Sunny is

105.3 The Fan–02/25/2013

Daisy Mae

RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a beautiful lab who is looking for a new home. She came to DFW Rescue Me with a broken leg, which has now healed. Can you help her find a place to live?

105.3 The Fan–02/18/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Bess

This big girl needs a home, and she’s got lots of love to give!

105.3 The Fan–02/11/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Arik

Arik is a playful Shepherd mix looking for a new home. Can you help him?

105.3 The Fan–01/28/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Buster

Buster the boxer has an incredible comeback story. He was hit by a car that broke his front leg. But he has made a full recovery, and now he could be your new pet!

105.3 The Fan–01/17/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Betty

Betty is a sweet girl who loves walks and is fantastic on a leash. She enjoys spending time with people, and she tap dances when she gets excited! Can you help her out?

105.3 The Fan–01/10/2013


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: George

This handsome guy is looking for a new family for the holidays. Could it be yours?

105.3 The Fan–12/11/2012


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Lillian

Lillian is a sweet 1-year-old puppy looking for a warm home for the holidays! She is very smart, outgoing and eager to please. Can you make Lillian’s wish come true?

105.3 The Fan–12/05/2012


RAGE Rescue Of The Week: Duke

Duke is a friendly and well-behaved dog who needs a home. He was given to a local shelter because his owners could no longer afford to keep him. Can you give him a new home?

105.3 The Fan–11/23/2012