Around Town

photo credits: RDM Productions

Drone Wars

The word ‘drone’ conjures up images of government surveillance to some. JD Ryan is Around Town with a North Texas company that is changing that with fun and profit.



Remington Estate Sale

They say what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. JD Ryan is Around Town with some North Texas treasure hunters.


photo credits: The Salt Cave in Southlake

The Salt Cave

We all know the salt from the ocean makes us feel better, but did you know salt therapy can reportedly help all sort of issues from depression to acne? JD Ryan is Around Town with his lost shaker of salt.


4 Day Weekend

‘Four Day Weekend’ Comedy

If you are a fan of comedy and looking for something different to do this weekend. JD Ryan is Around Town with the longest running show in North Texas. Get ready for a 4 Day Weekend!


photo credits: Neuro-Assistance Foundation

Hot Hatch Chili Run, Walk & Roll

Central Market is celebrating 20 years with the Hot Hatch Chili Festival. JD Ryan is Around Town with a hot and fun event this weekend at the Southlake store.


Photo provided by The Aqua Shop

The Flow Rider

If you wanted to go surfing, you used to have to go to the ocean. Then three years ago some folks brought the ocean to Plano in the form of The Flow Rider surfing machine.


(Photo provided by Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County)

A ‘Meals On Wheels’ Love Story

Sometimes when you start out to change the world, you get much more than you give. Take the case of two unsuspecting folks that volunteered for Meals on Wheels.


(Photo provided by The Warwick Hotels)

The Library At The Melrose

Erik has been playing at The Library for 20 years and is celebrating Friday night with a special show.


Photo Provided by the Trinity Forest Adventure Park in Dallas)

Trinity Forest Adventure Zip Line

The Trinity Forest Adventure Park, which is just south of downtown Dallas, offers a self-guided ropes course for novices and experts alike.


(Photo credit: JD Ryan &  SurMD Hacker Challenge)

$100,000 Hacker Challenge

You might have seen a picture of our own JD Ryan with $100,000 in cash on Twitter & Facebook. That money is up for grabs this weekend and he’s here to tell you how you could get it.


(Photo provided by Heim BBQ & Texas BBQ Adventures)

Heim Craft BBQ

KRLD’s JD Ryan goes behind the smoker to find out the secret to Heim BBQ in Fort Worth. Hey, someone’s got to do the hard investigative reporting.


Gishwhes 1

World’s Greatest Scavenger Hunt

Remember when you’d have a scavenger hunt as a kid? Well take that excitement and think globally. That is the idea behind GISHWHES.