Around Town

Brewfest 1

Around Town: Brewfest On Crockett

Crocket Street near West 7th in Fort Worth will be closed on Saturday for a big party. JD Ryan is Around Town with your invitation.”


Tiffs 2

Tiff’s Treats

Is there anything, short of a grandma’s hug, that is better than a warm fresh cookie right out of the oven?


Campbell Christian Academy

Campbell Christian Academy

There is a school in Dallas that teaches children the basics like they did in the old days and is having amazing results. JD Ryan is Around Town at the little Red Schoolhouse


Fort Worth Arts Festival

Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival

Downtown Fort Worth is a buzz with the 30th annual Main Street Arts Festival this weekend. JD Ryan is Around Town with a Texas artist who is living his dream.


Soup Mobile

The SoupMobile

If you see an ambulance driving around in South Dallas with the words “SoupMobile” on the side, you can know they are on the way to help the Dallas homeless.



Just Between Friends

The cost of raising a child from birth to 18 today is over $245,000 for a middle income family. A group of mothers got together to create a fun way to lower that number and make some money as well.


Big State 1

Big State Fountain Grill

Last year when Big State Fountain Grill in Irving almost closed after 100 years, an Irving family stepped up and rescued it. JD Ryan is Around Town to learn more about the iconic spot.



Skydive 35

Looking for something fun and adventurous to do this spring? JD Ryan is Around Town with an activity you just might fall for.


Captain Hope 1

Captain Hope’s Kids

The number of homeless children on the streets is up in North Texas, but there is hope. Captain Hope to be exact!



Fort Worth Zoo Run

If you see folks running in the Fort Worth Zoo on Saturday, it’s not a bad thing. “In this case it’s a great thing, it’s our 18th annual Zoo Run,” said Alli Haltom of the Fort Worth Zoo.


Velvet snout 1

The Velvet Snout Canine Adventure Center

Spring arrives at 5:46 pm Friday, and with it comes the travel season for families. What if, the next time you travel, your pet could stay at a resort style day care?



Pinstack Bowl & Bite

If you are trying to find a place to play games, eat, bowl and maybe even have a glass of wine — boy have we found a spot for you!