Atmospheric Sciences

Steam rolls out of a factory's smokestack. (credit: J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

State Judge Rules Atmosphere & Air Must Be Protected

A Texas judge has ruled the atmosphere and the air must be protected for public use just like water.


(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sonic Boom Shakes North Texas Counties

People across two North Texas counties heard and felt it — but it wasn’t an explosion or an earthquake. It was a sonic boom.


What lies in this backpack will bring HD quality video without a live truck, offering viewers a better experience in the years to come.

Winter Weather Special: Mobile 11 To Keep Viewers Ahead Of The Storm

CBS 11 is deploying new technology in 2012 to keep you ahead of the storm. It’s called Mobile 11.


Yet Another Record Temperature

It appears we have broken a record high for this date (we did the same just yesterday). The hourly observations show 106° (which would tie the record from 1948) at 3pm; it is likely that […]


CBS 11 Storm Team

North Texas Entering The Heart Of Severe Weather Season

2010 saw its share of severe weather events across North Texas. Among the most dangerous threats to human life and property are tornadoes.


CBS 11 Storm Team

The Power Of Wind

Members of the CBS 11 Storm Team traveled to Lubbock Texas to visit with the professors and doctoral students at the world-renowned WISE program at Texas Tech University.


CBS 11 Storm Team

Chasing The Storm

They are the people who drive towards the storm as many others seek shelter. We call them storm chasers. They’re the witnesses who sometimes find themselves in the middle of severe weather.


CBS 11 Storm Team

The Dangers Of Lightning

Lightning is brilliant, awe-inspiring and deadly. However, some people have survived a lightning strike.
“I just remember, like, a blue flash” said Terry Brisbin. He has no ill effects from the strike that happened in the late 1970’s.