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Move Over Ladies, Makeup For Men Is The Latest Trend

At first blush, you may laugh at the idea of makeup for men, but it’s the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry.

CBS 11–12/05/2012

CBS 11 News traffic reporter Teresa Frosini got her long hair cut off to help out 'Locks of Love.' (credit: KTVT/KTXA)

Teresa Frosini Cuts Hair For ‘Locks Of Love’

CBS 11 News traffic reporter Teresa Frosini shocked the newsroom on Friday morning when she walked in with shorter hair. But the new look was styled to help a good cause.


A woman spreads sunscreen on the back of a friend. (credit: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)

The Best Bronzers For A Sun-Kissed Look

Looking for a healthy glow this summer? Forget about the beach and the tanning bed. Check out some of the best bronzers on the market, sure to help you get that perfect look.


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Trendy Eyelash Extensions Can Be Dangerous

Many women include eyelash extensions in their list of beauty secrets, spending big bucks on the perfect look. But some doctors say that the lashes could cause major damage.


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Makeup Tips To Hide Holiday Stress

The holidays can be stressful, and that stress can show in your eyes. But, ladies, there are some ways to cover up that stress with the proper makeup.


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Tips For Looking Beautiful On Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday can be chaotic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look beautiful. Check out some tips for staying fresh while finding deals.


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Marlboro Man Meets Moisturizer

Everyone wants flawless skin, flat abs and a fab rear. But men don’t always admit it. So, some companies that sell products feel they have to walk a fine line between men’s vanity and masculinity.


A woman posing in the bathroom while getting ready to go out for the night. (credit: Daniel Baron/AFP/Getty Images)

No More Dancing Around Issues In Feminine Hygiene

Celebrities are gabbing about it openly. A growing number of grooming products cater to it. The vagina is becoming big business.


ABtastic Girl #33

Happy Friday! We have another ABtastic beauty pro for you! Enjoy checking out Charish the sexy Bikini Competitor! See photos of all of the ABtastic Girls here Does your girlfriend/wife/booty call have a sexy six-pack? […]


Former Beauty Queen Busted for Shoplifting in Denton

Shannon Marketic spent Monday night in jail after being accused of stealing $87 dollars worth of beauty products