Better Business Bureau


Going Out Of Business For 60th Time?

The Better Business Bureau says this company offering cheap office supplies was pulling a scam.


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Collection Notices May Have Texans Sending $ They Don’t Owe

You may receive a very legitimate looking notice in the mail that could have you forking over money you may not owe. It’s from Collect Pros.

CBS 11–06/03/2015

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Watch Out For Storm-Chasing Con Artists

Victims of natural disaster often times are hit twice. Once by mother nature and again by scam artists taking advantage of their situation.


storm shelter

Experts Warn About Weak Storm Shelters

One of the concerns with some shelters that had problems in Oklahoma is they may not have been properly bolted.


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Customers Say Dallas Locksmith Running A Price Switch Scam

Dozens of North Texans said they were locked out of their homes and then fell victim to a bad locksmith.



Top 5 Holiday Scams & How To Avoid Them

Don’t get taken by scammers during the Holiday season.

CBS 11–11/26/2014

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I-Team: Texans Need A License To Cut Hair But Not To Repair Roofs

To professionally cut hair in the state of Texas, you have to have a license. If you want to paint nails for a living, you too need a license. But if you install or repairs roofs, Texas requires nothing.

CBS 11–06/17/2014

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Fort Worth BBB Warns Of Costly Phone Scam

The Fort Worth Better Business Bureau is warning residents about a new phone scam which has cost many unsuspecting victims hundreds of dollars.



Report: Fake Malaysian Airline News Link Could Lead To Malware

It may look like breaking news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – but following these links could lead you to trouble.



North Texas Businessman Feels “Violated” By Debt Collector

A local contractor says he thought it was a godsend when a company offered to help him recoup money he was owed.


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Watch Credit Cards For $9.84 Charge

A charge that adds up to less than ten bucks could be the tell tale sign that scammers have their hands on your credit card number.


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Healthcare Law Confusion Brings Out Scammers

A consumer protection group says scammers are trying to take advantage of confusion over the national health care law.