Digital Billboards To Promote Unity In DallasThe two digital billboards will be featured throughout Dallas.
Billboards Invite DFW To Explore GodHundreds of churches in the area are getting ready to explore the big questions people have about God.
Bill Would Allow Businesses To Cut Down Trees Around BillboardsA Texas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow businesses to cut down trees along highways and interstates so that billboards would be more visible.
National Outdoor Art Show To Hit BillboardsImages of American artworks will appear on billboards, bus stops, digital display boards and on subway platforms.
FBI Launches Billboards Asking For Tips In Child MurderThe FBI has expanded its search for Alanna Gallagher's killer.
Dallas Kicks Off Aggressive West Nile CampaignThe City of Dallas this week kicks off an aggressive plan to fight the West Nile virus.
Owners File LBJ Billboard SuitA lawsuit filed against the Texas Department of Transportation last week claims the height of new ramps under construction at the LBJ / Interstate 35 interchange will make their billboards less valuable, because they'll be less visible.
Local Lawyer Accepts Billboard Marriage ProposalA North Texas attorney who uses billboards to advertise has accepted a digital marriage proposal flashed on one of the towering signs.
Metroplex Atheists Challenge The Power Of PrayerDoes the power of prayer really work? One group in North Texas has serious doubts and they've issued a challenge to local churches to prove them wrong.
The T Bans Religious Ads From BusesYou won't see religious ads on The T's buses much longer.
Atheists Don't Need God, So Pastors Don't Need BusesThe DFW Coalition of Reason will be using bus billboards in Fort Worth to spread the gospel of nontheism during the month of December.
Skyy Vodka Reveals New Sexy Ad-Campaign