Officers 'On Watch' After North Texas Lawmaker Receives ThreatsLaw enforcement is being extra-vigilant with a North Texas Republican legislator who has received threats over a bill that would limit independent bloggers filming police.
What Have We Learned About Blogging, Class?You cannot please all people all the time. Since anyone in the world who has internet access can see our webpage, at any given time, someone is not going to like your blog.
Growing Power Of Social Media Becoming More EvidentThe controversy surrounding the Susan G. Komen relationship with Planned Parenthood may be historic; it’s become a textbook case of the growing power of social media and its impact may be studied for years.
Local Religious Leaders Gain Followers Using Social MediaFor years, religious leaders have been trying to figure out how to bring younger generations back to their congregations. Now in the age of hashtags, fan pages, and flash mobs, some North Texas clergymen are turning to new technology to gain more followers.